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Parents do you read books with your Children? When I was single, I could only count into my fingers the numbers of book I intentionally invested my time and resources. But when I got married and become a parent, I started to appreciate and love books. It actually helps me to gain more knowledge, it expands my perspective, even helps me to acquired tips in nourishing more my family in every day life in a more practical and fun way. It helps my life to become more blissful and of course not to mention that I have my bible with me which is my words of strength and wisdom from above.

Just recently I got interested with a book wrote by Maja Pitamic which entitled Teach Me to Do it Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child.

Teach Me How to do it Myself

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It was personally suggested by Joy Tan-chi Mendoza of Teach with Joy.  This book is based on the key Montessori principle that children learn best through active experience.  Not just that, what I love about this book it actually presents simple activities through which our daughter Abigail  explore and develop her skills.  I’ll tell you this ebook requires only a minimal amount of investment but with a higher return of investment in terms of understanding, knowing and teaching how does our daughter learns, and guide her how to do it herself.

Books helps us also, my husband and I to expound Abigail’s language development and her perspective towards the world at large. It also helps us to become more intimate with each other as we bond ourselves in the couch while reading stories with her or, during her bed time.  Reading books with Abigail helps us also to know her ideas about such things that she saw or encountered in the environment. Even her emotions. Not just that, we also discovered her interest and her fascinations whenever we allowed her to choose books when we are together in the bookstores.

One time, we were invited to attend a church gathering in Makati in which there was also a bazaars/garage that was happening. After the service, we paid a visit and it was awesome that we found a good book entitled 1000 Things You Should Know About Wild Animals.

1000 things you should know about wild animals

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Actually it was an answered prayer for me because that time Abigail’s interest were into animals and we got the book in a very good condition for only 100 PHP. All praises to God for supplying all our needs.

By the way, here are the list of the books my daughter and I already devoured:



  • My Farm Friends
  • Look Look!
  • Dog Wants to Play
  • Little Cub
  • Winnie-the-Pooh’s OPPOSITES




  • Flutter By, Butterfly
  • Elmo’s Learning Adventure, Animal Alphabet
  • Panimulang Pagbasa
  • 1000 Things You Should Know About Wild Animals



  • Jonah and the Big Fish
  • My Treasured Bible
  • The ABC’s of Jesus Ressurection
  • Look & Find Bible



Reading is teaching

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