Probiotic Gummies For Gut Health

We are currently using the strawberry & orange flavored Probiotic Gummies by BeLive It actually tasting good, and Joshua and I are taking one gummy each daily for our healthy tummy.   The first time I opened the cap, it smelled of antibiotic so our three years old doesn’t like it the first time she tasted it probably she can tell the difference from the taste of her fruity gummy multivitamins that’s she’s taking daily.

But since the key role of probiotics is restoring healthy balance to our bodies, improving immune system functioning, and curbing inflammation today, we encourage our little one to try it again, and make a choice for herself what flavor she would like to take so she wouldn’t feel like forced.  Thankfully, she took an orange flavor and had it.    

Digestive Health is really important. Our digestive system is one of the many regulatory system in our body, and when one works better they all works better. This is a 90 count supply, so, a good 6 weeks worth for one adult, longer for children.  This will be good for you, and your whole family.

Please check our vlog for Probiotic Gummies by BeLive.  So THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. JOHN of BeLive.

Faux Leather Journal, Pocket Size Daily Smart Planner by On-On-On

Are you a daily to-do-list person like me? if yes this classy-smart undated daily planner planner by On-On-On is for you to grab this Black Friday.

The protective cover is made of faux leather, and the left pages are designed for your to-do’s daily while the right pages are for listing your creatives ideas. As we all know, scientific research proves that we use our left brain for logical problem solving and our right brain for creative thinking.

This is a wonderful gift for your love one’s, specially mom’s and dad’s who loves planning ahead and writing down devotional reflection’s. 

Featured Image Credit:  On-On-On Via Amazon



Before you can score you must first have a goal.  -unknown

Goal.  Goal.  Goal.  Okay what is the purpose and benefits of setting a goal? These past days, Joshua my husband asked me to send him a list of 10 achievable goals from top priorities to least.  The reason of doing this is because for him, I kept on telling  that he isn’t paying attention of the plans we all need to prioritize. That was his own perception but on my part, I felt of his lack of support of my ideas, a lack of enthusiasm. The good thing, the synchronicity is, Joshua’s psychology just this week also encourage him to list a goal of the things he is working toward to accomplish. “Working not just looking.” Very timely.

So what is goal? According to the passage from Luke 14:28

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower, will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it?

From this passage, I can say that:

  • Having a goal is having a vision. An achievable idea to output.
  • Having a goal requires planning and a process involved in starting and up to achieving it.
  • Having a goal doesn’t just teach us to learn about the principle of budgeting but applying it, and progressing to becoming effective on it.  Estimate the cost of investment & the needed time to achieve it.

Goal_Haltom Family 2

Goal_Haltom Family

Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit

We are thankful to Shenzhen Goodwill Technology Co.,Ltd for allowing us to experienced their cordless Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Waterproof Man’s Grooming KiT.  Again THANK YOU!!!

Men grow beards.  Joshua, my husband is a man whose facial hair comes out quickly and fully.  We opted to get him this trimmer so he can shave his face, even though he doesn’t feel the need.  But as he mentioned, sometimes, “Change is good.”

You can see the before and after in this video.

It’s kind of thrifty too to not need to visit a barber just to get a good shave.  Aside of saving time, we’ll also save money.  The precision blades cut his hairs all evenly, and it was easy too.  Abigail, our three year old said to him, Daddy why did you shaved your hair?  She immediately noticed the difference.  


Junior Explorer Kit by Planters’ Choice

We are so excited to share with you in “video” our daughter’s experience with 6-in-1 Junior Explorer Kit by Planters Choice.  The good news,  we are privilege to share with you the 15% OFF SPECIAL PROMO CODE  to avail this educational-exploration kit for your homeschooling or adventurous kiddos for the rest of 2017.  Just right for your Christmas gift set for camping, hiking, bird watching or for more practical use: a family emergency back-pack.  Here is the code: MINIEX15 and amazon product link:

A special mention to Seeds Family Worship for the Hope & a Future Song (Jeremiah 29:11) clip we used in this video.

As a mom and teacher to our daughter, I personally  found this 6-in-1 Junior Explorer Kit by Planters’ Choice very useful in introducing science, exploring & direction, navigation & orientation as well as tools for discovery and learning in a fun way. Plus the good thing about this kit, we can use it for preparing and equipping our daughter at an early age on what to do if emergency arise.

Planters Choice Junior Explorer Kit_Haltom Family 4

Hand-Crank FlashlightHand-crank LED flashlight (no batteries required!) 

Planters Choice Junior Explorer Kit_Haltom Family

Abi trying the Lensatic Compass 

Towish Posture Corrector_Haltom Family Blog.jpg

Binoculars  (4×30 mm) for outdoor fun & learning exploration

Planters Choice Junior Explorer Kit_Haltom Family 1

Bonding & Learning direction using Planters’ Choice  Binoculars

Planters Choice Junior Explorer Kit_Haltom Family 3

Discovery & Science using Planters’ Choice Magnifying Glass

Planters Choice Kit_Haltom Family

6-in-1 Junior Explorer Kit by Planters’ Choice / Photo Credit: Amazon
Planters' Choice Junior Explorer

6-in-1 Junior Explorer Kit: Binoculars, Magnifying Glass, Whistle, Hand-Crank Flashlight, Lensatic Compass + Backpack | Great Educational Gift Set for Camping, Hiking, Bird Watching

Does Towish Posture Corrector Fit?

Joshua, my husband was diagnosed with Mild Scoliosis.  So when I saw the Posture Corrector Brace which kinda reminded me of “Lara Croft Backpack” by Towish I thought this might help him.

Towish Resitance Band

Its cool that the package comes also with a resistance band.

Towish Posture Corrector_Haltom Family Blog

Towish Posture Corrector, put it on like a back-pack

The very first time we shot the video, we thought it didn’t fit us because the strap were too short to buckled around our chest.  So we gave two recommendations:

  • The first one is for consumer to know their chest circumference before purchasing the Towish Posture Corrector and
  • The second one is for Towish to adjust the strap so it will buckled around our chest.




We got confused of the unclear instructions in the provided flyer, then we came to realized that it wasn’t even the right way to put it on.  BUT we immediately found out that YES it does FIT.

Towish Posture Corrector_Haltom Blog 2

Towish Posture Corrector, corrected back set-up

Towish Posture Corrector_Haltom Blog 3

Towish Posture Corrector, wear it like a back-pack

We had  so much fun ourselves shooting our videos and trying the discounted product.    Here is our second video in which we found out that Towish Posture Corrector is actually a better product than we thought cause it does tightened up your back.  God bless 🙂