Terry Treetop and The Lost Egg

This is not the first time we recieved a free ebook from Author Tali Carmi through Nave of EBookpro. Our first time meeting this adventurous boy named Terry, was his encounter with the dolphin entitled, Terry The Tree Top Saves The Dolphin.

His new adventure entitled Terry The Treetop and The Lost Egg brought us to another path of learning, and regaining a “kid heart” within us. This ebook surfaced the kindness, and showcased Terry’s faith to persevere as he helped the lost egg to reunite with its mom. Even though he had faced numerous failures in attempting to find the mother of the lost egg, he never stopped believing that it was possible to reunite the right mother to the lost egg.

The line that Terry uttered after saying goodbye to Sandy the turtle inspired me a lot. He said, “I promised to bring this egg back home. I promised I would try.”  I believe when he said this, he was encouraging himself to resist feeling discouraged. He declared a commitment not to quit, exercising patience and remaining focus on his goal.

Trully, this journey was filled with excitement, fun and mostly meeting new friends like Sandy, Ally, Fergi, Mother Betty…The Hen, and Pipi, the Parrot.

I personally love the simple flow of the story, and the colorful visual presentation of the characters, and the places they journeyed. This helped my 22 months old daughter in knowing and identifying colors.  I will leave with you the Bible passage that the story of Terry Treetop and The Lost Egg made me to reflect after reading.

“Let us not lose heart in doing, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” – Galatians 6:9

God bless to the readers.



Andee The Aquanaut Trilogy Book 1: Guardian of the Great Seas

I’m not a book writer, I’m just a reader and a mom to 21 months old baby girl who loves to listen to a story during her nap and bed time. So for the sole purpose of giving back to Author Simon James House the effort of sharing his “Andee The Aquanaut: Guardian of The Great Seas (Andee The Aquanaut Trilogy Book 1) free-of -charge to us, I would like to share our own experience in journeying in this first book of the trilogy.

Andee The Aquanaut


First, what I love about “Andee The Aquanaut” was the author’s broader mind and exquisite ability in bringing us the reader to a new world my imagination hadn’t reach before.


The Chapter 3, Andee and the Wise White Dolphin. In this chapter, House helped me to enhanced more my visualization skills through the way he described Andee’s first encounter with the Wise Dolphin. “But this dolphin was different; this one was white in colour from nose to tail with golden and turquoise eyes. Andee gasped as the Wise White Dolphin began to speak.”

The Chapter 18, Light to Dark in which House brought our imagination through Andee’s journey to an under water experience of prehistoric marine animals which he called underwater monsters or dinosaurs. He even described it as, “a very different ocean compared to the ones he’d (Andee) seen before. Enormous plants rose up from the seabed. It was like a forest, but underwater – with strange tree-like coral and plants as big as houses.

Second, it expanded my vocabulary. I’ve read numerous kindle version of children’s book with my daughter but this was the very first time I encountered a kindle version of book with word wise. It helped me to define to my daughter and also helped me to understand some of the challenging words that were used, and the emotions the author was communicating in each scene through the help of the word wise app. Not sure if it is because of the setting of this eBook or my kindle…anyway it helped me to enjoy more the story plus a good application to teach new words to my daughter. She can even use this herself when she learns to read.

Third, each chapter of this first book never failed in awakening my interest. It simultaneously engaged my mind and attention. It actually got me excited to know what will happen next.

Fourthly, the book itself as I perceived it is not only to present a story, but to encourage a broken and a contrite spirit.  There were lines that directly touched my heart and lifted my spirit.


Andee The Aquanaut



Andee The Aquanaut

Also, journeying into the book gave me and my daughter more knowledge about marine life, and made us interested about marine biology. The colorful illustrations had my daughter more engaged while I was reading it to her.  It enhanced her visual learning

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We are looking forward to reading the next book which is All Great Things Start With Small Beginning.

You can get your kindle version of Andee The Aquanaut  through Amazon for only $1.99 or the Paperback copy for only $23.99.