Our Family

The Haltom Family Blog is created to encourage families through our imperfect stories and experiences with Relationship & Marriage, Parenting, Home Education, Mental Health & Wellness, Philippine and US Immigration.

Joshua, a music lover, and Tennessee born guy met Lady Lyn, a Filipina in an online Yahoo Christian Chat while both of them were praising God in a different way.  The latter was bullied by some chatters, and courageous Joshua rescued her like a damsel in distress, that was where a new chapter of life begun with the two of them. Their marriage is blessed in many forms including of rewarding them with a beautiful and joyful baby girl named Abigail Exodus Haltom which named perfectly represents their love and life story as a family.

Our prayer is that may we all become more encourage and be joyful to pursue a grace-filled life to the perfect love of Jesus Christ.

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