I Wish I Had Visited the CN Tower

Another children’s book that awakened my interest to read and to share  with my family was the one authored by Dan Jackson which entitled, I Wish I Had Visited the CN Tower.

Without further ado,  let me introduced you with the three (3) questions I came up with (with my husband helped) after reading this  ebook followed by with my answers:

First, Why do you choose reading this ebook?

I became interested the first time I saw the cover of the book.  The cover has a colorful graphical design and the title pronounce adventure. My thought was,  surely our 10-month-old daughter will like this. Plus I was intrigued about what CN Tower was all about.

Second, What do you expect to achieve in reading The CN Tower?

I was expecting that this will impart new found knowledge not just to my daughter but to my brain.

Third,  Will you recommend it to other and if so who?

My husband and I believe in the scriptural saying, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.Proverbs 22:6

So as early as now, we are educating and equipping our daughter by means of reading informative books to her.  Since I mentioned earlier the reasons why I choose reading this ebook, I myself was amazed about what I discovered while reading this with our little one.  Prior reading this,  I wasn’t aware that there is a tower called CN Tower that is located in Canada.  My brain history room didn’t had a record that it is one of the tallest man made-engineered structure that was ever built; the other thing was I wasn’t aware that at my age right now (32), reading this kind of Children’s ebook is really educational and worthwhile.”

While reading it with our little one, instead of paying attention to what I was reading and the graphical pictures, she became more curious in manipulating the tablet to the point that she wanted to hold the gadget by herself,  and slides the pages of the ebook with her fingers. She became more intrigued in the tablet-touch-pad-robotic ability than being engaged in the story.  So one thing I would like to suggest to the author is to make a print-board book copy, though the suggested ages is from 4-12 early introduction to toddlers is something wise to consider.

I will highly recommend reading I Wish I Had Visited the CN Tower to Mom’s, educators and  kids who are engaged in learning more about history, and man made-engineered structure mostly in Canada.   Its a good read.


Reading is Teaching

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