The World of Rhythm

Introducing global musical instruments for Abigail’s home learning becomes easier with the aid of The World of Rhythm  children’s book.

The World of Rythmn

Photo Credit:  Amazon, The World of Rhythm

We are thankful to Author Patrick Adams Patrick’s World of Travel, LLC for his effort of sending us a digital copy and sharing this story with us.

Inspired by his youngest daughter Rhythm who was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, but by God’s grace and healing she’s seizure free with the helped of medical cannabis.

This book is very educational for toddlers ages 1-4, and the art works illustrated by our very own Filipino Artist and musician, Joey Dimaguila (Rhythms grandfather) are fantastic, and lively. The illustrations are clear, and goes well with the text. With repetition, it enhances our child’s photographic memory, and instruments familiarity. We are thinking to have a family visit at musical instruments museum for an outdoor fun learning time.

The story line showed how Rhythm used the various instruments and performs in front of the crowd. We love the part in which Rhythm is playing the Violin outdoor with friends.

When we asked our 2-year-old what instruments she likes best, she said she wants to play Saxophone.

The story is simple, yet educational.  Once again, another “AHA!” moments was added in our memories. Through this book, us together with our child became fascinated and aware about the existence of bagpipe, a wind instrument that using enclosed reeds, (thin strip materials which vibrate to produce a sound on a musical instrument) fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of bag. Source: Wikipedia

We are suggesting this book to be considered by parents, educators, and librarians as a reference for an early educational introduction to musical instruments of different cultures.   The World of Rhythm is available both in kindle and paperback.

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