Eggs & Taming the Tongue

 Reflection: Examine your life. What is my example? 

Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye. – Matthew 7:5 NLT

When you are training your child to be gentle speaking, and the past few days it was all good. But suddenly this morning just because of cooking eggs, and miscommunications BOOM everything was wholly disregarded because yourself doesn’t show it in actions but the opposite. Then your child reminded you to say sorry to Daddy first, but pride kick-in.

Joshua was convicting me and trying to reprove me saying, “You’ve been teaching Abi to be gentle in speaking but what you are doing?”

It’s like, WHAT? Aren’t you not even getting it?  Aren’t you not listening?  My heart is yelling out, I need you to understand my point.  I was caught off guard.  What is really my point?  Well, Lady, you need to establish your position clearly.  Remember, you and Joshua are wired differently but made for each other.  YOU ARE MARRIED.

So where did all of this start?  This morning our dear Abi requested for a scrambled egg, her fav.  At the kitchen, Abi and I were preparing the eggs while having a little chat then fast forward, Joshua (my husband) came in the scene and suddenly grab a tortilla wrap, and cheese then declared let’s make a breakfast cheese-egg burrito wrap. Which is totally fine.

Me: I grab a small-greasy pan from the stove, and washed it.

Joshua: Grated the cheese, and grabbed a medium iron pan. Then he said, let’s cook the egg here.

Me: I looked at him and responded, “I’m washing this one, referring to the small pan. I’ll use this one for cooking the eggs. You can use that for the wrap. (What I mean to say here is you can use that to heat the tortilla wrap and melt the cheese on it BUT didn’t speak it audibly).

Me: Turn on the stove, one for the iron pan (for Joshua’s heating the wrap, and one for me for cooking the eggs). Plus grabbed some butter out from the refrigerator for Joshua to use.

Me: I placed the small pan on the stove. Heating it before adding the oil.  After all, that’s the right thing to do.  No rush.

Joshua: Placed the big iron pan on the left side of the stove.

Me: I turned back to the sink and washed the dishes.  I was multitasking!  A few seconds passed, then I heard the sound of a mixture poured into a pan.   I was shocked!!!  I TURNED BACK IMMEDIATELY, and said,  “OH GOD! OH GOD!!!” Hearing the swish of the eggs poured into the small pan.

So that’s basically it.  I felt bypassed by Joshua’s  (in my perspective) “insensitive”  action.  Joshua said he was just cooking the eggs.  Though I will appreciate if he will tell, “hey babe Ill do the eggs.” At least I am aware.

But he didn’t.   His reasoning was, “I was just cooking the egg.  The butter was melted and bubbling.”

This afternoon after the heated argument between Joshua and me, Abi and I had a walk, gathering some sticks.  I opened up my heart (like it was about to burst out) to her and tell her I got upset at Daddy and asked her what do you think I need to do?  She responded, “You need to love.”  But I got frustrated of Daddy, and herself responding, “Mom, I got frustrated at you too.”

Eggs and Taming The Tongue_Haltom 1

A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare. -Proverbs 15:1 NLT

It’s Mail Time ft. ZIPIT Jumbo Pencil Case

Keeping things done properly and in an orderly manner with a playful toddler is a challenging but achievable goal.  We are a step ahead in staying organized with ZIPIT JUMBO Pencil Case.  We love it because it has…

  1. Playful look. Accentuated with 2-BIG Eyes + it has a creative opening, Zipper Teeth.
  2. Roomy. Can hold much pencils, pens, crayons & even small toys.
  3. Collapsible!  It can be zipped out and zipped back together again.
  4. Unisex. It is designed for Boys & Girls.
  5. With Life Time Warranty.

Here’s to our Mail Time episode featuring ZIPIT Jumbo Pencil ✏️Case. Hope we captured a Fun, Unique Way to Stay Organized with kiddos using a Roomy-Creative & Playful pencil & crayons organizer.

ZIPIT Jumbo Pencil Case