Online Schooling in a VENN High-Back chair

My husband is in his 3rd year college of his online schooling and pursuing a career in Complimentary and Alternative Health.  Daily he is wired, reading his virtual text-books, doing researches to support and write for their weekly deadlines depending on guidelines their instructor provided and asked them to submit.  He is also required to make comments in responds to his classmates and instructor posts on their virtual classroom.  

Compared in going to school that requires student’s physical presence, online schooling is much flexible in terms of time spent in the class though the same principle is applied, student needs to have self-discipline towards meeting school deadlines and self-eagerness to access the knowledge with less supervision and not being spoon fed.
Since Joshua was home-schooled from 11th to 12th grader, he had practiced the self-initiative and the discipline needs to finish what he started.  

But online schooling still requires time, while he faces the laptop with his hands on the keyboard and his mind at work, a comforting studying and seating position is a must.

I mentioned to the article I wrote last October, “Give in Love Language” that months prior to Joshua’s birthday, I was considering to get him an office chair because the black
chair that provided him a year of service suddenly collapsed though instead of getting it, I had him some items (budget wise).  Still I was envisioning one day, he will enjoy his high-back chair.  It would be a good investment too since we are planning and praying to start a business, God willing.

Joshua’s old wooden chair

Today, the visioned was fulfilled.  On our way to Jackson, Tennessee, while looking for a car to buy in replacement for our sold Bravada, I asked him if we can stop by to a thrift office store to look for an office chair, gladly he agreed and even suggested Goodwill store.  But when he saw the big sign of Office Depot he immediately said, “let’s go to Office Depot” and made a quick U-turn. 

Inside the store, I became more excited while my eyes were quickly looking around trying to find the office chairs section.  So when we saw the corner in which the different high-chairs were displayed, holding hands we walked to the way we thought leading to it but to our amazement, we were standing inside a closed filed of computer stuff building a dead-end wall.  We turned back and find a way out from it with a smile on our face. Finally, we made our purchase.  We got a black new VENN High-Back chair for a price of $59.99 only.  

VENN High-Back chair (front view)
VENN High-Back chair (side view)

Tips in making purchase: 

1. Compare prices and Affordability according to budget

-It was a good timing for us to be there, because some of the high-back chairs were on sale.  When we saw that the color black VENN High-Back chair was on sale with a discounted price of $59.99 from its original price of $129.99 (with $70 off) we agreed that it was a good price for a new one compared to some of the items which had prices  ranging from $100 dollars and up.  In my mind, it was a good find and according to my computation it was far cheaper than the office chairs we saw at Henderson Home Furnishing days ago.  But still, I was waiting for the final approval of my husband as him being the head of our family, I need to subject myself to him.  

1 Peter 3:1a
Like, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands;

He mentioned to look at Good Will thrift store thinking to find a much cheaper items.  If not, we will just go back to get the chair from Office Depot. 

2. Comfortability of Design, try it first!

– When I was working with VA Diaz Insurance Consulting back in the Philippines, one of the things I learned from my boss Ms. Venus, before buying any shoes she told me to consider my feet’s comfortability while wearing the shoes by walking with them first for a longer time.  Same principle we applied in getting a chair, so I asked Joshua to feel the chair while seating on it.  I even suggested to him to lay his back while rotating it.  I myself tried it too.  

Proverbs 1:5
A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:

Joshua feeling the chair

3.  Stay on what you need, talk about it and be united in your decision. 

 –   As I mentioned in tip number one, I was still waiting for the final approval of my husband before making a purchase.  Our decision needs to be united plus that he is the financier.  Since we were already at the Office Depot, I asked him if we can get a file folders to sort the documents we received from immigration, car and health insurance, notices from Department of Health and some of his printed documents.  He agreed and even get a three-holes puncher.  When we were about to pay it, the total purchased was almost half-of-the-price of the chair.  So, while the cashier was processing our rewards card, I talked with my husband and reasoned out that its better to get the chair which was the primal reason we went there plus that is what we need to purchase at a moment and a good investment in doing his online school task.  Finally, he was convinced.  Good thing the cashier was accommodating and redo the computation. 

Fixing time
doing his online task with comfy high-back chair

We still went to Good Will thrift store looking for additional lamp to light up Abigail’s bassinet even though it has already a light.  Thankful to God when we got there, there was no available office chairs nor good lamp.   My husband said, “good thing we already got the chair from Office Depot”.  It saved us time, and fuel.  

Colossians 3:15 KJV

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

God is good and we are thankful that he is providing all the things that we need not just the material things but the wisdom leading us to unity in making decisions as husband and wife.  It was always healthy to have a devotion and ask guidance from Him through prayer before starting the day.   

My husband is a happy buyer, he is enjoying his seat now.  He even unintentionally crushed my USB cover while excitedly arranging his study place. 

Prepared Childbirth Class

Attending a pregnancy class is something a novice parents must include in their to-do-list and look forward to attend before giving birth.  The first time we heard about it was from Brittney (my sister-in-law, Joshua’s younger sister).  She mentioned about a certain program that provides a very peaceful, helpful place for new mothers.  From there we became interested to attend empowering and informative classes in preparing us. 

When we asked our Midwife about pregnancy classes at one of our monthly prenatal visits, she kindly gave us a piece of paper containing all the information we needed about Childbirth and Family classes including Breastfeeding, Prepared Childbirth, Sibling’s Class, Infant Care Class, Infant Massage, Super Sitter, Girl Talk, Straight Talk for Guys,  Heart Saver CPR and Pediatric First Aid CPR.  

The Prepared Childbirth classes we attended was exclusively free of charge for us (we saved $50) and was sponsored by West Tennessee Womens Center-thanks to them.  It is designed for expectant mothers and fathers or labor partners.  It was divided into two Saturdays, the first session we had lasted for 6 hours with four breaks.  The class was scheduled at 9:00 A.M, and though we were 15 minutes late, thank God that when we arrived they were not yet started.  Our registered nurse Instructor, Ms. Dawnitt waited for us.  

Instead of doing a conventional way of meet and greet, our instructor used two dice and  each participant (mother and father) were instructed to throw the dice and summing up the numbers appeared was how many times the person that did the throwing tells something about himself or herself.  It was fun!  Joshua and I were the last couple who did the throwing.  

I am telling you, our first Saturday was loaded of information and tips about giving birth.  Aside of informative and helpful reading manuals provided in each class and supported the discussion, sets of video were presented, accompanied by interactive group participation.

First Saturday Learning: 

  • Danger Signs of Pregnancy- under this Joshua, I and the rest of the class were given information’s in lifting a red flag call for Preeclampsia, urinary tract infection and other signs of preterm labor. 
  • Stages of LaborAs thought in the class is divided into three stages:
    • Stage One– Occurring from the time true labor begins until the cervix is completely dilated and the baby can pass out of the uterus through the cervix. This stage is divided into three phases which are early phase, a phase which lasts from the start of labor until the cervix dilates to 3 centimeters.  The second phase is the active phase, in which the cervix dilates to 7 centimeters and averages around 4 to 5 hours.  The transition phase, the hardest part of the labor within the first stage of labor but the shortest.  It can be short as 30 minutes and as long as 2 hours.  This phase will dilate the cervix up to full dilation or 10 centimeters.  
    • Stage Two-  is the pushing and birth of baby, at this stage the cervix is dilated enough to allow the baby’s head to pass through it.
    • Third stage– this is the final part of labor, and the first postpartum hour of recovery.  After a few labor-like contractions and a massage of the uterus, the placenta or afterbirth is expelled. 

Knowing all these things are empowering, and at the same time overwhelming, mostly when I heard that in general for first time mom the duration of labor lasted to 20 hours. Whew!  Dear, God give me strength to go through this. 

  •  Video Presentation- For us to have a brief back ground of actual delivery, we watched two sets of real life compilation of videos of several mothers in labor which are entitled Stages of Labor and Birth Story.  The first video presented tackled about the different stages of labor and ways of handling it.  The second video is more on encouraging pregnant mothers to remain open minded in different procedures in giving birth.   
  • Interactive group participation For me one of the most exciting and fun time moments in the class aside of the question and answer portion in which my husband participated a lot, expecting daddies were asked to wear the “pregnancy symphaty belly” that weighs 30 lbs.  I was wondering when I came back from the comfort-room, all of the participants were looking at me smiling and to my amazed it was because of my Joshua who first volunteered to wear it.  I was so proud that he became so involved and thankful of course that there is no moment that I felt alone in our pregnancy even up to this writing.  
    Joshua, wearing the pregnancy symphaty belly

  •  Storking-  A special service provided by Jackson-Madison County General Hospital for baby’s special delivery in which expecting parents are encourage to do the pre-registering.  This is done during the second trimester or at least five months (20 weeks) pregnancy.    

In our case, Joshua and I did the storking when we were at our 27 weeks of pregnancy.  Right after we heard about it from our instructor, we went straight ahead to the hospital after the class schedule.  As advised, we went to the Admitting Department located at the left side corner of the hospital near the entrance.  It was so quick and easy.  We just provided my CoverKids Insurance ID as supported by my Philippines Social Security ID (since they were requiring any type of photo ID and good thing they honored it) and giving some personal information including the address, contact number and person to contact in case of emergency.  For more details click and visit womens center “storking process”.

Second Saturday Learning:  
In the second and final class, it was shown to us the different tools the doctor may use during labor.  At this point, I told Joshua that I was becoming stressed-out seeing those forceps used as assistance when the mother needs help in pushing baby under the pubic bone (good thing its not a routinary used for birth). 


We were thought about the childbirth breathing technique.  The purpose is to facilitate a restful, non-anxious state; to begin the husband and wife or couple’s cooperative efforts and communication skills. 

Before the session started, our instructor asked us to get our own bean-bag filed at the corner of the room.  Participants were advised to bring two pieces of pillow but unfortunately we didn’t bring ours, so we just had two bean-bags for our support in the floor.  The instructor turn-off the light while coaching us to be comfortable in the position we chose.  As I lay over the bean-bags with eyes closed and begin slow, quiet chest breathing, Joshua who was beside me holding my hands and breathing along with me too. Then we were coached to begin to relax the key areas such as the back, tummy, arms and feet.   

Next with the beginners exercise, we were prompted to do the “work” on the inhale and relaxation and exhale like the “he, he ho” and others breathing technique.   

Daddy’s getting excited on his childbirth-breathing technique

Afterwards, the whole class met at the lobby of the hospital and had a tour at the 3rd floor, which is the maternity ward at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.  We were shown rooms for each part of childbirth and afterwards.  Joshua and I enjoyed looking at the nursing room and recovery room for it was looking nifty and clean.  We got more excited when we heard that the hospital has a centralized WiFi for us it was a blessing (surely most hospital in the US have WiFi) for we can use webcam to connect Abigail, our baby to our family in the Philippines. 

The time we spent in attending the entire childbirth class was useful and worth while.  We became more empowered and better prepared as a new parents not just that but Joshua and I became more connected in each other and to our baby.  
A Certificate of Completion was awarded to us plus tote bags with lots of necessities for baby.
Priceless Certificate we ever have

Tote bagsfrom Women’s Center

We know for a fact that child-bearing is painful, a complicated miracle, as God says to the woman in Genesis 3:16, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.  Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” but raising and discipling a child properly modeling Christ like living will be the biggest challenge.  Only the Creator can cause pregnancy, and we are conscious we have been rewarded by God. 

For more information about attending a class visit West Tennessee Women’s Center or call 731-541-6448 or phone the classroom at 731-660-8690.

Extra foam doesn’t mean extra clean

am not here to endorse any specific product nor to make public outcry
to create defamation but to provide awareness and awaken readers/consumers
to the benefits of holistic wellness and dangers of synthetic
chemicals.  Use your personal liberty and purchasing power to utilize
the goodness of nature and the tastes of life.  

My husband and I together with a friend intentionally visited a Health and Wellness Clinic located in Jackson, Tennessee that sells Herbal products and supplements.  Our main plan was to only get Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) and dopamine for Joshua as a natural and alternative supplement that will eventually replace his allophatic Prescription Drugs. 

But as they said “expect the unexpected.”  When we got to the Clinic we found out that they are also catering natural and herbal products not just for consumption but for personal care, specifically hair shampoos.  

The day before going to that place,  I mentioned to Joshua that the herbal 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner we commonly used at the house that was purchased from the grocery store is not really an effective one in terms of cleaning hair, and the fact was it caused hair flakes or in most common term dandruff.  We decided to get a herbal shampoo once we found an authentic organic ingredients not knowing that we had opened a “Pandora’s box” towards product ingredients.  

Year 2011, before Joshua and I got married I had suffered from Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease in which a person’s own immune system attacks their body, and in my case my hair follicles.  This condition caused the strands of my hair to fall and I lost some  that eventually left two bald spots in my head that were visibly obvious.  As a result I always needed to fix my hair overlapping the bald spots for it was embarrassing to see mostly when I was doing a client visitation.  It took eight long months for me to grew back my hair in the bald spots.  That experience shifted me to become more health conscious and patronize natural and organic products as also influenced by Joshua (now my husband).   Natural and organic products boosted my immune system instead of ingesting toxins rich products most specially for my hair use.  

But when I migrated here in the United States from Philippines, it was hard for me to locate where to buy hair care that I was using before.  So it was really a “eureka moment” for me finding a shampoo with authentic and certified organic Ingredients.   

About the product

The shampoo product we bought was a product manufactured and exclusively distributed by Now Solutions.  It is called herbal revival shampoo and its functions are for damage control, repairing and strengthening damaged hair, and it is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Paraben free.  

 Fragment Library: Shared: Product Fragments

According to, SLS is a cleansing agent that is used in many shampoos because it helps water mix with oil and dirt so it can be rinsed away. But studies showed that it causes fading the color of hair.     

What is SLS?

SLS chemically known as surfactants is used as foaming agents, and it is mostly added to personal care products such as shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, bubble-baths, and even children soaps/shampoos.  Aside of the fact that it washes-away the natural oil produced by our scalps, according to, another alarming thing to consider in buying shampoos with SLS once it is absorbed into the body from the scalp or skin application, it mimics the activity of the hormone oestrogen which might result to many health implications and may lead to a variety of health problems such as stronger Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopausal symptoms to dropping
male fertility and increasing female cancers such
as breast cancer, where oestrogen levels are known to be

What is Paraben? 

According to, paraben is the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics products including hair care products.  Preservative are being added in the cosmetics to stop the growth of fungus, bacteria and microbes protecting the consumer and at the same time maintaining product integrity.  Though paraben have been studied as inducers of breast cancer, but carcinogenic effects have not been proven (Source: International Journal Of Cosmetic Science).  

Still, it is consumers’ rights to have thorough awareness about the ingredients present in the products they are patronizing and using daily.  It is a mandate that all products being sold in retail print on labels information informing the complete list of all ingredients.  Though, it is one’s responsibility to be educated and to understand what makes the ingredients harmful or not.  



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