East Jackson Family Medical Center: Out Patient Clinic Turn Around Time On Review

Today our family scheduled was jam-packed with doctors appointment for Abigail (our daughter) and Joshua (my husband).  We started our day with breakfast and headed to Jackson, being hurried for we didn’t want to be late to our daughter’s nine-months check-up at East Jackson Family Medical Center (EJFMC).

Photo Credit:  East Jackson Family Medical Center

Since Abigail’s appointment was 9:00 A.M, we left home at around 8:33 A.M.  My husband is strict in terms of being on time.  He is an early bird himself.  Whenever we have an appointment, his routine was wake-up early, started the day sipping a brewed coffee,  morning devotion and jumped straight to the shower and dressed himself quickly.  While me was savoring my time…an exact opposite of him (don’t ask anymore).

When we arrived at the parking lot of the clinic, we were two minutes early.  We headed straight to the receptionist and registered our daughter’s name in the patient form.   At this time we were confident that our waiting for her name to be called wouldn’t take long.

We started going at EJFMC the day after she was released from Jackson General Hospital- neonatal department.  Her pediatrician since then was Dr. Davis-Tharpe,  Vernessa L., MD. 

Originally, Abigail’s appointment was scheduled on December 22, 2014 but it wasn’t push through.   For some reason Dr. Davis was not available that day.  We were thankful that before the 22nd of December, a nurse called us (whose name I already forgot) and informed us about the situation.  She also managed to arranged an appointment for our daughter but with other doctor.   I informed Joshua about it.  At first my husband was a bit hesitant with a sudden changed of schedule…after a minutes of weighing things he agreed.  

In the lobby, we were patiently waiting for Abigail’s name to be called.  We actually didn’t noticed at first how much the time had passed we were  entertained by her laughter while playing with us.  We were also engrossed watching the early talk shows that was being played in the television.  We started to became bored and impatient when we noticed that most of the people we saw when we entered the facility were already called including those who came after us.

Because of that, we started comparing the service provided to us before by Dr. Davis.  Most of Abigail’s previous appointment with her pediatrician was done quickly and because of this there was no room for Abigail to be fuzzy.  Since we were used with it,  I didn’t make an effort to bring a pack lunch for Abigail (only her sippy cup and powdered formula).

Joshua and I became uneasy when Abigail started to cry, she was sleepy and at the same time wanting to breastfeed.  When we checked the clock, it says that we were seating at the waiting room for a matter of 45 minutes.

By that time, there were new patients that checked-in and most of the patients that were there when we came were called and some went home.  I asked Joshua to inquire and follow-up the status of Abigail’s schedule.  He talked with the receptionist.  He mentioned that it was unlikely for them to made the patients waited for long mostly a child. The receptionist said to him that the doctor who was scheduled to check-up Abigail was running behind.    I noticed that Joshua was losing his temper in which was not common for him.  Compared with me, my husband was always chill all the time so instead of me being irritated, I quickly pulled myself back to being calmed and reminded him to be kind and be patient.

The receptionist extender her assistance by paging the Nurse Practitioner  (NP) once.  She returned to us and told us that the NP will see Abigail the soonest.  Minutes had past but every time the door that channeled the patients towards the exam room opened, a nurse stood there and were calling different name.  Once again Joshua made a follow-up.     Finally, after a series of follow-up, the nurse called our daughter’s name.

After the nurse took Abigail’s vital statistics and signs, she guided us to the out patient exam room and apologized for the long waiting.  I thank God that she apologized for it really did something great on our part.  It quickly softened our hearts, and cooled us down.

Of course I didn’t let the moment passed without opening up what our concerns:

  • I mentioned that they changed Abigail’s appointment date, and handed Abigail to a different doctor even though her pediatrician was at the clinic that day (we saw Dr. Davis and even greeted us during Abigail’s vital signs check-up procedure).  I myself are pro-changes but in connection of my family’s being and health (let’s talk first).  The reason I mentioned this thing was to let them know how important for us, parents valuing the health of our child.   I didn’t say this because I was being grapevine but I was straight forward to the things that needs care and paying careful consideration.  Most of the parents are eying for a good quality of service being provided by the doctors, pediatrician or primary care to their child and that is true.  With me and my husband,  one thing that we are paying attention is the involvement of the medical provider.   I believe in my heart that there are some medical provider out there that have a good principles in giving their service to others and not just business usual.   Quoting what Dr. Katheryn Sarantos says, “We
    get involved in their families, their parents, and their lifestyle. As
    we minister to the kids about healthy eating habits, we know that we’re
    ministering to their parents also. So that becomes our focus, the family
    as a whole.”  
  • Though we didn’t elaborate anymore the length of time we waited, our last visit experience in terms of promptness doesn’t receive A’s.  The truth was the patients waiting time exceeded beyond what was commonly given to us.  From the time we checks-in to the time we check-out, we actually waited approximately 2 hours.  An approximate of one hour and 45 minutes at the lobby and almost 15 minutes at the patient exam room.   Most of our past experiences of clinic visit at East Jackson Family Medical Center,  the total duration time from check-in to check-out was only less than an hour.

Though at first our experienced was not good,  we left the facility with a smiles in our faces.  The  NP that attended Abigail was a Filipina.  Her last name was Ortega.   She also apologized for the long waiting.  Since I am a Filipina, she easily build a rapport with me.  Joshua was also lightened up when the NP asked him about the Filipino words he knew and can pronounced. With Abigail, though she didn’t cry she showed her discomfort when the NP tried to examined her ears which was unlikely to her when she was seeing her pediatrician.  The NP goes beyond her medical duty when she courteously gave our daughter a biscuit.



Reactive Addiction

Just today, I had seen the deepest condition of my heart.   The part that was hidden for a long time and unknowingly sugar coated.  It was unveiled after a long stretched of denials.   I admitted it to myself, I had a “reactive addiction.”   I admitted to God that I had nurtured and fed this addiction for a long time.  At first, I was in denial.  I thought, I was right most all of the time.  I thought it was a righteous anger.  Is this real?  I prayed for this first and evaluated myself before sharing it to  Joshua (my husband), to our Pastor and the whole body of Christ (during the early morning service with my husband permission).  I decided to make a decision of breaking the crazy cycle of my reactive addiction (reacting on a certain situation or circumstances based on the first impulse of my emotions omitting the principle of responding in faith in God’s words).

The first decision I made was to admit first to myself that I had an addiction that if prolong can be a self-destructive and harmful not just to my family but to my personal walk in Christ Jesus.  I decided to confessed this first to my husband, and be accountable with him for I desire to be healed from this by bringing it out in the open, and for him to be praying for me.  It says in the book of James 5:16a, “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”  I am ready to hear corrections and stand corrected.  

I mentioned earlier that I thought it was a righteous anger (mostly dealing with re-occurring cigarette craving of Joshua, with his permission the story about this will be share in our next article).  

The moment spirit of wisdom and understanding helped me recognized this kind of reactive addiction was when we were at the grocery store (Piggly Wiggly).

Joshua were fixing to start our car engine and about to leave the parking lot of the store when I suddenly turned to him and said. “Bab’s can I tell you something?”  He stopped for a while and turned his face to me and said, “Sure, what about?”  Our daughter, Abigail was strapped on her car seat (which installed in the passenger seat just behind Joshua) and busy playing with her toy.  We just finished our grocery shopping and about to head home.   I cleared my throat then looked straight to his eyes and opened my mouth.  I said, “I just recognized that I have a kind of addiction and I think its called reactive addiction!”  I saw that he smiled.  I continued…”Remember when we were at store’s vegetable section, you said come on let’s go (because he thought we were done getting what we need from that section) and I suddenly said, “please don’t rush me (I was a bit agitated!  On my part,  here he go again, being Mr. rushed!  I just started enjoying looking to those greens and veggies).”  He actually responded saying okay.  But deep within me I couldn’t accept what he responded.  

There was a battle in my mind that wanted to react and doesn’t want to accept the word, okay.  I felt a sudden rushed of pressure into my heart, it pumped faster that it was.  I also felt that my head became bigger trice that it was, wanting to process words and push it out from my mouth.  My whole system acted weird.  Though my mind was urging me to say something,  reasoning…(come on Lady say something,  you will feel better) but I decided not to  say anything anymore. I felt the stressed of taming my tongue.  (I suddenly stopped and asked myself, why I am being like this?) At this point, I admitted that there was something that was not right within me.  

My story to him doesn’t ended there.  I said, “Remember when we were getting canned fruits and I suggested the brand that was much cheaper and I tried numerous times but you grabbed the other brand which was costly because your reasoned was the name sounded like more of a nature, I felt aggravated.”  At this time Joshua were still patiently listening to me but smiling more.   “Then you wanted to move in the next aisles as if nothing happened.”  But instead of following you, I burst out impatiently and irritably said in a lower but firmed voice that can you please let me enjoy this moment.  This should be a time of relaxation while slowly moving from one aisle to the other aisles.  Please stop rushing me!  This time, I just opened my mouth as quickly as I could.  No more taming.  Instead of apologizing in the way I reacted, I chose to justified my reaction by telling to myself that it was okay besides I had a point.   

My point was, Joshua were completely aware how I enjoyed doing grocery shopping.  He knows that this is one my favorite relaxation time.  Not to mention that I was being practical and plus I am a woman.  On my part I was thinking like this, “he should take my suggestion highly mostly dealing with the products that I personally patronized for a longer period of years.”  I was completely aware that these reasoning were not harmful, but the way I conveyed it to my husband whom I love made me wrong when instead of being kind,  I became irritable.  The word of God in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 that, “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” 

I also admitted to him how wrong I was about the
way I reacted impatiently instead of responding to him with mercy.  As Peter Tan-chi said, “Respond, don’t react. Pause. Resist the first impulse. Ask the Holy Spirit to control you. Yield to God.” 

Photo Credit:  CCF Ortigas

Joshua and I, kissed and make-up

I apologized with him (heard by Abigail)the way I reacted with him using the first impulse of my emotions and as always he immediately gave his forgiveness without being bitter.  We ended laughing together when we realized how God always sent people to rebuke the argumentative spirit between us.  Like, when
we were in the baking aisle and he acted like getting the other brand of the
baking flour after we just agreed that we were going to get the brand
that we want in the other store since it was not available there.  I said to him, “why you are changing your mind?  I thought we were going to get the flour at the other store?”  (I was talking in a lower tone and controlled temper) Joshua was about to respond when suddenly a christian friend who were doing a grocery shopping greeted us.  My conversation with Joshua was cut.  This doesn’t happened once but many times in our marriage.   Whenever our conversation about to jump to argument, God always intervened and rescued us by means of natural way like a phone rang with a friend testifying how she received the sign she was asking from the Lord regarding her pregnancy. 

My prayer in Jesus name is that we will be reminded every minute of what the word of God says in 1 Corinthians 10:13 (New American Standard Bible)  
“No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is
faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are
able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so
that you will be able to endure it.”

Also that our lives be changed daily through the help of the Holy Ghost.  That we will walk by the spirit for us not to do what our sinful nature craves.  Instead of reacting with a sudden impulse of emotion or dictate of our minds,  I pray we will respond in faith whatever the circumstances will be, don’t react, and making it a habit .   I declared and fully acknowledge that God is Sovereign over our human limitations and even to our unveiled addictions whether physical, emotional and mental.  

Sliding Locks & Safety Catches

I couldn’t let this day pass without proclaiming how thankful my heart is for every thing that the Lord, our Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)  graciously done to us. 
Quoting what Owald
Chambers said, “God
will never let you hold a spiritual thing for yourself; it has to be
given back to Him that He may make it a blessing to others.”

Just the other day while Joshua was outside running some errands, while me stayed at home doing the daily routine while of course taking care of Abigail (our daughter), when the call of nature suddenly struck me (I will try my best not to be so graphical). As a mom of 8 months old very active baby, and so eager to explore the world by crawling, bouncing, standing and placing every thing her hands can grab into her mouth I somewhat master the art of being resourceful without forgetting the safety precautions. 

I placed Abigail’s just beside the bathroom opening so it would be easier for me to see her while I used the bathroom.  But the only thing was every time we were in this situation, her first impulse was to pulled-up her self from the seating position and reach out towards the door cabinet under the sink..

Her familiarity and being a “Dora Explorer” made her easily opened the cabinet door which contains some toiletries that are advisable to keep-away within children’s reach.   For
most of the mom’s who had been in this kind of scenario, you can
easily imagine for sure how I quickly prevented my daughter’s hands with my left
hand while my right hand was preventing the door to be fully opened just for her not to have a touch base to these products while I was completing my thing.

The moment I addressed the nature call, I immediately grabbed Abigail and uttered a very simple breath prayer of having a need to get a lock for the cabinet door.   

Every time my husband checked the mail box, I always had the mood of being so expectant of receiving items from goFreebies, an online directory of “freebies”.   

So the day following the day I uttered a breath prayer about the cabinet lock, Joshua came home with USPS yellow envelope in his hands.  He said, “you have a package.”   My response was, “really, for me?”  The sender addressee printed, it was sent from The Procter and Gamble Company (P&G)

We excitedly opened it and to our amazed, P&G sent us  a Dreambaby 2packsliding locks and 2 pack-safety catches.   Our deepest gratitude to God for P&G and Dreambaby for sending these items at no cost to us.   

I told Joshua that it was an answered to the item I asked God about and his eyes were sooo big and was in awe. 
Every time we experienced a divine moment like this, we can’t prevent
ourselves to become more amaze on how God graciously extended not just
once nor twice but again-and-again his great and miraculous moves to us. 
His prompt response to our request made us reminded that we are greatly

On our excitement and for Abigail’s safety, we immediately installed the sliding lock.   At first,  Joshua had a little bit of a hard time on installing it even the installation guidelines was already present,   But with the help of the picture in the packaging, the job was well done.   

The entire installation procedure, Abigail was being curious of what her daddy was doing. 

After the installation, she actually tried to opened it many times with all her strength, but the sliding lock served well it purpose.   So the next time our daughter will pay a visit to the bathroom, we are assured that everything is secured.  

“Kids’ Workshop at Lowe’s – Free Holiday Toy Train.”

Part of Joshua’s and my desire is to home school our daughter, Abigail.  Being a hands-on parents to her is not limited only in raising but of course educating her  beyond the boundary of home.    We are both thankful to God that he allowed both of us to received a first hand experienced about home schooling. 

My husband completed his high-school  diploma from home about nine months after he stopped attending public school which he stopped at the end of his 10th grade year.   While my knowledge about the said program was when I attended The Master’s Academy Free Home School Orientation a year ago before we got married.  The good thing about home schooling is you can go in your phase plus the classroom is the world at large.  It simply mean that you can customize and enrich your child’s learning experience by guiding them to go through the given phases not limiting their learning to the books but expand it using the world at large.   

Our main objective is to educate her by training her that true success comes first in  loving God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. 

Abi bed time story with Daddy


Our Family

Since training a child is good as at early age as they can be, we are glad that we are attending a free Holiday Workshop/Clinic for Kids this coming Saturday, December 13 called “Kids’ Workshop at Lowe’s – Free Holiday Toy Train.  It is  organized by Lowe’s Build and Grow Team.  The catch is  to get your child away from technology for a day and exercise their

For an interested parent or guardian to avail the said free Kids workshop/Clinic, all you  need to do is to create an account and register your child  to Lowe’s Build and Grow by visiting their website.  

Here are the guidelines on how to register:

1. On your browser go to Lowe’s Build and Grow by visiting http://lowesbuildandgrow.com/pages/default.aspx or you can Sign Up Here!

2. Parents or guardian should enter the Zip Code and once done must select a Lowest Store which is accessible from their place.  

3. For Workshop/Clinic Registration, create a Parent Account by providing the necessary details as shown in the print screen picture below:

For those who already have an existing account, just sign in and go to “My Account” and click My Clinic to check the upcoming Workshop/Clinics.

4. Then  in “Add Kids” portal click “Add New Child” then add your child/s details such as First Name, Last and Date of Birth.  

5. After you provided your child details, you can now add whose child or children you want to participate in a specific Workshop/Clinic and once your click register, you will be transfer to Confirmation portal as shown in a print screen below.  An email will send to the email address you provided which is confirming your registration.   

You need to wait for a matter of 5 minutes for you to be able to download and print the Build and Grow Clinic Waiver.  After that another email will be send and enclosed with it is the Build and Grow Clinic Waiver Form.  After few hours, they will send another email reminding the participant about the event.   

We are looking forward in attending this event with our Filipina friend Cristina and her kids. 
Photo Credits:  Lowe’s Build and Grow at http://lowesbuildandgrow.com