Direct Consular Filing at USCIS Philippines: Filing I-130 or Petition for Spouse

We’ve been receiving various inquiry related to Filing I-130 or Petition for Alien Relative through Direct Consular Filing at USCIS US Embassy Manila Philippines.

So what is Direct Consular Filing?

Its basically a process available for all US Citizen living outside the United States with an intention to return to United States to reside together with their alien relative such as spouse, children and parents through filing the I-130 or Petition for Alien Relative.  Provided that the petitioner or the US Citizen spouse has been residing in the Philippines for at least the past six months. Filing of I-130 can be done at foreign country where USCIS office is available.

Form I-130 may be filed with our office by a U.S. citizen who continuously resides in the Philippines on behalf of a spouse, child (unmarried and under 21 years of age), or parent of the U.S. citizen.  A general guideline is that the U.S. citizen has been residing in the Philippines for six months or more prior to filing Form I-130 in order to establish residence. Source: USCIS Manila Field Office, January 15, 2018

If qualified, your husband would have to file the Form I-130 petition with our office at the U.S. Embassy, Manila, in person, with the required documents and filing fee. Source: USCIS Manila Field Office, November 24, 2016 

What is the Plan?

To bring your Alien Relative specifically your spouse in United States using Form I-130 through Direct Consular Filing at USCIS Field Office.

The question is: 

Are you qualified to file I-130 at USCIS Field Office in US Embassy Manila, Philippines?

Please see attached requirements for you to be qualified in Filing I-130 at USCIS Field Office in Manila, Philippines  MPH – I-130 Petitions filing in Manila.pdf


Proof of continuous and Current 6 months tenure in the Philippines before Filing I-130

  • Proof of residency: resident alien card (ACR).  During your stay in the Philippines 2015-2016, does Philippine Immigration Provided you the ACR as a tourist?  If yes you can just renew it.  This alone will satisfy the 6 months or you can choose to attached one of the ff document below:
  • Local Mayor’s Certificate whichever city in the Philippines you will stay making sure your Philippines address will be indicated and date too.  (you can request this for FREE and you can request this the moment you and your fiancee will process all your documents for your wedding.
  •  Proof of apartment rental, Utilities billing named after you (if any)

Proof of Relationship 

  • Marriage Certificate (Authenticated PSA (previously NSO) Paper) and any one of the documents below (Copy)
  • You can open a bank a joint bank account in the Philippines after you have Marriage Certificate and your resident alien card (ACR) or 
  • Joint Tenancy or proof of same rental residency
  •  Pictures together, traveling tickets together 
  • Affidavit of sworn thrid part statement just you know to affirmed the lawful existence of your marriage.
  • Birth Certificate of your spouse

Proof of your US Citizenship

  •  US Passport (copy)
  • US Drivers License

Filing Fees 

As of today, the Filing fee of $535.00 (US Dollars or its PESO equivalent on the day of filing) – Only cash or U.S. Postal Money Order payable to “Department of Homeland Security” or major credit cards are acceptable.

The process of paper works with USCIS are intricate. But with the right planning, perseverance, and pressing towards the goal, in our own experience it can be done. 

Here’s our family’s “6P’s must have learning experience” in pursuing your PLAN to petition an immediate relative or processing a spouse visa (IR1) using the Form I-130 or Petitioning an Alien Relative through Direct Consular Filing at USCIS Manila Field Office at US Embassy Manila.

The 6P’s are: Internal (Characters) Patience, Perseverance, & Prayer. External Paper Works, People, & Pera (Money)

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