Grace Bridge Boxes

As I mentioned in the article, “No More Abi Falling off the Bed”, we just recently moved to our new place.  And, since the day we moved, the divine intervention we are privileged to experienced since then became greater.   Our daily needs are being sustained from our basic needs like food and gasoline and even the dining table and chairs in which we used when we ate with our home-cooked food down to the electronic appliances that God provided to us through people that love us and even through strangers (to be unveiled in my next post). 

After we got married, we received a lot of gifts on our wedding shower, and it all basically consists of kitchen-must-have appliances like knives with chopping boards, dining wares, cookware, bake-wares, bath-ware, and even bedding.  With all of these provided to us earlier, we can say we are blessed not to think about allocating our budget buying these “must have” stuff when moving to a new place.   

Earlier this morning, my husband (Joshua) together with his aunt went to Highland Church and received boxes of supplies through the program called Grace Bridge Food Bank.  At home, we excitedly opened it all and became astonished on what we found.  We never expected that what we received would be more than what we had ever thought. 

Grace Bridge Food Bank
Grace Bridge Food Bank

In addition to the groceries and food items, we also received personal care products that we really needed.  The thing was, it was few days ago only when Joshua and I were talking about prices of toilet paper and were adding it into the list of items that ASAP we need to buy but since it was freely and generously provided to us,  automatically it was cut-off from our budget for the next month.   

Toiletries courtesy of Grace Bridge
Flat Shoes courtesy of Avon
Lunch Box courtesy of AVON

Here is another thing, even before we moved, I repeatedly asked Joshua about him getting me a facial moisturizing cream as his gift for me this coming Christmas.  And it wasn’t ending there, a day before we received these boxes I uttered it again to him reminding him about my eagerness to receive it.   

Now among the boxes, was the small box printed with AVON and when I opened it, Voila… it has a lot of personal care products for men and women.  In some boxes were male shampoos, some shaving foam, perfume, body moisturizer, hair serum and smoothing cream, lipsticks, and the thing I asked my husband to get for me… a facial moisturizer, and not just one but two Anew Rejuvenate Night (Revitalizing Cream) plus a complete set of “The Anew Platinum Full Size Regimen Kit.”  It was not the same product I was asking Joshua, but it is far better.  Not to mention a bracelet watch for women which was also an answered breath prayer on my part. 

All of these things became possible because of our Sovereign God, His Majesty, the one who provides everything that we need.  “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains mePsalm 54:4

My prayer in Jesus name is for Grace Bridge Food Bank: “That people from all parts of the world will connect to them and be involved to care for people, and families who received helped will be enabled to serve other families and that many companies like AVON be greatly blessed as they allow their products to be allocated in the work where the Spirit of the Lord is.” 

For more details about Grace Bridge Food Bank, visit their website at or follow them on twitter @GraceBridgeFB and if you are interested about AVON products, you can visit their website at

Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON
Personal Care courtesy of AVON

No More Abi Falling off the Bed

A few hours ago my husband, Joshua called 911.  He reported the incident about our daughter Abigail fell-off from the bed approximately 2 feet above the floor of our master bedroom.  This might sound serious, but the Lord is always good, Abi is sleeping and in a good shape now.  

Before the incident happened,we had a very blessed and a productive Sunday. We were privileged to experienced a great morning service at the church, singing praises songs, worshiping the Lord and praying with the whole body of Christ.   The Lord, our God blessed each of us with a joyful spirit that beyond written words can explain.   

Right after the service our Pastor’s were able to visit us in our new place (we just recently moved from Grammy’s place).  In their kindness, they provided us a portable heater to keep us more warm and comfortable during cold and chilly weather.    Well, we have a heater installed in our new humble abode though for some reason it is not efficiently keeping our house warm.   We are truly thankful that God has placed us under the shepherding care of our spiritual Father and Mother.  They didn’t fail in modeling to us the unconditional love of God.  Through and through their support is with us. 

Abigail at 7 months

When our pastor’s headed home, we went at Grammy’s place and had our late lunch there as we originally planned.   At Grammy’s place while Abigail was having her nap, Joshua and I enjoyed our lunch together.   At this moment we were spiritually filled from the earlier worship and fellowship; and physically fulfilled because of the home-made-hamburger prepared by my mother-in-law.  After a few talks with the folks, we decided to went home and stopped by at the store and buy some food supplies.   Abi was wide  awake and silently observing while seating in the pushcart.   Food shopping is one of my favorite form of past time and relaxation.   I found myself relaxed while pushing the cart into different food aisles and comparing prices of goods.  I found this more soothing with me mostly when I am doing it with Joshua (an expert food shopper, and I myself can’t beat him)  and Abigail as our side-kick.   My mind set was,  “to enjoyed my time being with my husband and daughter.”  

After the non-tiring food shopping, we went straight to our home.  While Joshua and I fixed the groceries in the fridge and cabinets, Abi was busy playing in the living room with her toys.   Gladly our kitchen is just adjacent towards the living room so whenever we need to be at the kitchen we just placed Abi in the living room and allowed her to play, crawl and standing by herself either in the rag-covered-floor or bouncing while in her saucer while constantly checking her.   With this we can also include her in our conversation and sure of her safety.  

Since we still have plenty of time before dinner, we rested in our bed and played with Abi.   In my conversation with Joshua, we were talking about the unspeakable joy each in Living Waters received that day.   It was a soul spa everyone experienced.  

After a while Joshua scanned his Facebook’s news feed while seating in the corner of our bed.  While me was with Abi in the bed being laid back.  I looked at Abigail’s pure and innocent face and had a breath prayer for her.  “I asked the Lord to not let anyone or anything steal the joy he has given with Abigail.”  People that surrounded our daughter can attest that she’s full of pure joy.  Some people called her bright eyes.  I believe its not just the physical eyes but the brightness of her spirit.   

Then I decided to start preparing our dinner, and left our room confidently knowing that Joshua was with our daughter in the bed.  I actually got his attention saying, “Babs, I need to prepare our dinner please look at Abi.”  and him responded with yes, turned his face from the computer and grabbed Abigail by his side and played with her.  

Food preparation is one of the most favorite household duties.   Actually anything that has something to do with the kitchen, name it and I will be glad do it, including washing dishes. So after I washed the dishes and was engrossed chopping the chicken, I heard a heavy noise that sounded like something was fell into the ground.   It was so loud that I automatically stopped what I was doing hoping that it was not Abigail.  I was like, ” Oh goodness, please I don’t want to hear any cry”.  Seconds had past then suddenly I heard Joshua’s terrified voice calling our daughter’s name followed by wailing cry of Abigail…  it happened!  

My heart beat so fast, in my mind, I uttered a not pleasing word in my own Filipino language.  I crossed the gap between our kitchen and our room as fast as I can.  I know in my mind, in my heart, and in my spirit that Abigail needed me.  I know she needs my comfort.  As her mom I know what she needs.  Joshua came out from our room with a reddish face and was trying to comfort Abigail’s who was non-stop crying in his arms.  Her tears were rushing fast from her eyes.  She was in pain.  I uttered in a devastated voice many times to my husband. “What happened?”  I was trying to control my emotions and my tongue but deep within I was disappointed mostly when I heard from Joshua’s mouth that Abigail fell from the bed without him noticing that she was already in the danger side of the bed.   I asked him, “what are you doing”?  he responded saying, “I was scanning my Facebook”.  My speculation was  confirmed!  It was like a nuclear bomb dropped in front of my face!  I just wished he didn’t said anything but by God’s grace I kept my cool.   I don’t want to blame my husband but I need the holy spirit to convict his heart mostly after he said, ” I forgot I need to be with Abigail 24/7″.  Our daughter heard what he said, and as a mom it upset me.  What more Abigail’s fragile heart and the one who was physically in pain?

Yes, Abigail was only 7 months old but it doesn’t omit the fact that she has the ability to sense what’s going on in her surroundings mostly the things that she can received from us, her parents.   I desire that Joshua’s 100% assurance to Abigail as her father will always be there no matter what.  That she is protected within his care.  Re-affirming her that no matter what, he will stand by her side continuously showing his unfailing love towards her without being sidetrack by any obstructions or much important than Facebook scanning.   

In my mind, if Joshua fails to portrays and modeled the securing and comforting love of God to Abigail as her earthly father it might distort her sense of God’s love to her.   But I also thought that I myself was not there with her side when it happened.  As her mother I also shared the same responsibility God has given to my husband towards our daughter, and that is being a good shepherd of God’s love, protection and care to her.    No one is to blame but to practice safety precautions.  The fact that if I throw blame to my husband after it happened, the possibility is us arguing over something that is not even benefiting to our marriage.  As the health adage states, prevention is better than a cure. 


Abi showed that she wanted me to get her from her dad whose arms were wrapped around her trying to console her.  She extended her small arms to me and when I got her, she laid her head over my shoulder and whimpered.   We went to her room and breast-fed her while stroking her hair.   Automatically she stopped crying.  Since she had two knots on her forehead, we treated it with an icepack.   

apologized to Abigail for what had happened and told her that he didn’t
mean for her to bumped her head.  Apologizing openly  to each other is
one of the core practice in our family to prevent the spring of
bitterness by humbly admitting the fault committed and giving high
importance to forgiveness. 

Ephesians 4:32 ESV 
Be kind to one
another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

I was also convicted about the way I allowed my mind reacted after I heard Abigail’s cry, and immediately asked forgiveness to God. 

Just for the assurance that she was okay, I urged Joshua to called 911 and after 5 minutes three Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) arrived in our place.   I laid Abigail down to her bed whose at that time was already calmed.   The three EM T’s had basically just played with her, and one even consoled us first time parents that her child was 7 months old when they had first fallen off of the bed.

In this incident, it was instilled in our minds that we have a growing infant who is always curious of anything around her and as a parents we need to make sure about the safety of her environment by practicing safety precautions.  Paraphrasing what my husband said, “Giving her a constant supervision time to time is a must.”  


Soul Sisters #TeamChocolateMousse

I believe about the saying in the book of Proverbs that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.   Well for me I must say that there is a friend that stick closer than a sibling.  Its like your soul is knit to the souls of your friends.  I will not be biased, but most of my amis (french words for friends) are all beautiful in their own ways.  When I speak about beauty, I am not only referring to physical beauty but beauty that is deep within.   Something that doesn’t need make-up to enhance nor perfume to notice it.  They are all positively influential and even drive not just women but even people of different ages, genders and status in life to be transformed to what God is designed them to become. 

Wena, Ella and me.  We never forget to captured a moment showcasing our signature poses

When we were together, we loved to hang-out in a quaint like French café-coffee bar while sipping freshly brewed coffee and just being relaxed while talking about things in life.  Encouraging each others with edifying words that helped us to process a roller-coaster like circumstances (as I described it that really test our patience and faith) we’ve been through the whole week and finished it with praying with one another resulted to a soul-spa like sweet ending.   

Talk about sweet ending, Cadbury Dairy Milk with its taste alone is like a sweet ending, as smooth and creamy chocolate bar – something of which you savor and enjoy every moment.
In fact, enjoying a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar is not something you rush into.  You take your time for it.  There’s a ritual to it that makes the experience much more enjoyable.  Just like me and my friends, we enjoyed each others company.   We savored every moment so when we look back, every bite of our memories together always had a sweet ending.  That is why I love Cadbury Dairy Milk, it’s something to give you joy, and one thing you can look forward to experiencing again and again.

But wait, there’s more about Cadbury!  Now
your sweet endings just got more luxurious though with the two new Cadbury Dairy Milk flavors: French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse.  Take a trip to romantic and fashionable Paris, France every time you bite into these two new flavors.   

Enjoy the light exquisite taste of Vanilla cream-filled chocolate with the new Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla. You can just imagine sitting in view of the Eiffel Tower while savoring this delicious treat! Try siting in a quaint café while enjoying the sites and this new flavor.   

Then there’s Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Chocolate Mousse. Did you know that the word mousse in French means “foam?” Hear the strains of “La Vie en Rose” as you bite into the light and airy taste of chocolate-flavored cream covered in delicious milk chocolate.  Watch the beautiful Manila sunset while on a Balcony with the experience of eating this chocolate will be just as romantic.  

I can’t wait to be in fellowship again with my two soul sisters Wena and Ella while indulging ourselves with Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Chocolate Mousse flavor.   Surely it will be a foamy get together because of a lot of things to share with each other like a #TeamChocolateMousse.  

I know even you have your own share of sweet endings, what are you waiting for  is to grab your Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse.  Its already out in the market and available beginning November 2014 in the big and satisfying 180g pack for an SRP of only P180.00. Hurry though because these delectable sweet endings are yours for a limited time only. Have sweet endings with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

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