Karen’s Most Enjoyable Excursion

We are very surprised receiving this package from Lampara Publishing House, Inc. and Precious Pages Corporation.  We’ve been expecting this last November 2016, but it comes near Christmas. A perfect timing for our family’s encouragement.

Photo Credit: Lampara Publishing House, Inc


This book entitled Ang Pinakamsayang Biyahe ni Karen, (Karen’s Most Enjoyable Excursion) was provided generously by the publisher with the kind effort of Ms. Aiko. Clarizza Buduan-Salazar.  It was shipped directly to us in support to our cause called Teach Them Well-Barternihan.  The story is written by Author Eugenia C. Martin and illustrated by Ar-Ar T. Peñaflor.  Its a fictional-paperback book.

It’s a story of a little girl named Karen whose long train-travelled-time to attend her grandmother’s birthday turned into  a  joyful  experience, learning  with her mom by her side.  She truly enjoyed this moment starting from their home, with her mom’s holding on her hands, down to buying ticket up, to all the scenes she witnessed, and observed while at the train, up to getting-off the train.

As I mentioned in my intro, receiving this book encouraged our family. It was a rough 2016–if in case few of you were aware of Haltom Health & Well Being. So when Abi was opening the package, her Daddy and I felt her excitement, which excites us also.  She said, surprises, surprises!  This is mine?!  When we started journeying this book, Abi wasn’t much engaged with the story.  What I did is that I introduced Karen with her, pointing Karen’s picture, and encouraged her to say “hi” to Karen.  Just like Karen, our little one is always fascinated in seeing and riding in a train. She even screamed her lungs-out when she was seeing train. So, that’s one point of making her engaged in reading this story, yes using the train images.  The illustrations of the safety triangle holder inside the train, Karen’s circular eyes, the train viewing windows made her more familiarize with shapes.  And she also like Karen’s red-colored dress, and cute skirt.  The rain-like graphics at the background stirred her imagination that it was raining.  And she said, Karen its raining, go inside.  And yes, she became familiarized with Karen’s name.

Tip: In introducing a new children’s short story book to read with your little ones, parents and educators, my suggestion is first to, or along the way, introduce your children to the names of the different character’s in the story. In this way, they will become more familiarize and engaged in reading book.

The story of Karen reminds me of how our 2-year-old daughter, Abigail always wanted to be held, mostly when we were doing errands. I noticed every time we were surrounded by many people, and she can’t see what’s in front of her because of being blocked by adults ahead of us, her constant words were, “Mom, Abi! Get me! and extending her arms upward. She basically meant, mom pick me up!  There were times that I told her no and explained to her that my hands are pull, be patient, but often ended with her father saying, “it’s okay!”  For the affirmation that mom is just here beside her. Reflecting back, I missed the thought that she might wanted to be comforted by me, and being overwhelmed that she was surrounded by giants in the front of her.   In Karen’s situation whose mom is always almost doing work outside, she truly enjoyed the physical gestures of her mom’s such as, hugging, kissing her, firm embrace, gripping her hand and held on tight to her hands which she truly enjoyed. In fact, in this story, the words held on tight to her hands and the words used with similar meaning was mentioned eight (8) times.  Right?

My husband Joshua is also now reading a similar book entitled Be a better Dad Today by author, Gregory Slayton.  One of the topics mentioned there is Physical Support.  It is mentioned how, research has proven the huge benefits of babies and young children with appropriate physical affection (in fact the gruesome Nazi experiments of World War II proved that babies without physical affection can possibly shrivel-up and die even if they were given everything else they needed) The human need for physical support is a basic human need.  Like food and water, we cannot live without it.  So let’s not withhold from our kids something that they cannot live without. 

One more thing we can learn from reading Karen’s story again and again is the importance of our physical presence to the development of our daughter.  We are thankful to God that both of us spent so much time with her, and being around her but knowing more about becoming more affectionate to her, and even to Joshua is a priority that we all need to put deeper our hearts, as everyone is really in life together.

This book is appropriate to read for toddlers and up, to be read by parents, educators, and even book authors.   Bring your kids with you, and get a paper back copy of Karen’s Most Enjoyable Excursion at any children’s leading book stores or order it online at Lampara Publishing House, Inc.. To God be the glory.


For International & Local Publisher, Author and Book promoter, we continuously accept book reviews whether it’s ebook, paper back, hard bound or board books.  kindly message us here.  Salamat!

For our dear parents and online neighbors, please feel free to share your experiences in reading books with your children and if you have any suggestion where to outsource good board books (used and new) for kids please let us know.  Hanggang sa muli.



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