Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy


Finally after receiving the book entitled Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy few weeks ago, we are now able to share our thoughts about it.

As I always said to our products and books providers, it is a privilege on our part to be working with them.  Our family is thankful to God in experiencing new things this year such as the opportunity of being connected with people that is being used to impact the world at large through their gifts and talents.  In this case, we are blessed to read and review the book entrusted to us by the author herself Ms. Lisa and her son Michael Cohn.

Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy

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In my research about the beginning of the writing career of these mother and son tandem, I came a crossed in their website,  I was inspired by what I read,

Bash and Lucy” journey began with the sudden death of the Cohns’ dog, Lucy.  To keep her alive in their hearts, writer Lisa Cohn and her son, Michael, now 6, wrote the dog picture book, Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence, and launched Michael’s Dog Blog, offering kids’ dog book reviews by Michael and friends on their YouTube page. On the blog, the Cohns also provide news and fun dog facts for kids–with commentary from Michael.”  (For more details, visit their website at

——————BOOK REVIEW—————–

I must admit, it took a while before I finished reading this book to our 10-month-old (now 2 years old) from the time I first read it together with my husband and our little one.  If you keep reading this article and you are now on this part, I need you to imagine (yes I am talking with you) all the things we experienced while we were journeying the story of Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy and it is about to start here…

I called this, “book with a heart.”  The main characters in this book are Bash, the young boy who owns Lucy, the smart dog who helps coach Bash’s soccer team and even leads the team to championship.  But Bash started to feel jealous when Tedy and together with his team of Special Olympics Kids as enchanted by Lucy’s smartness expressed their desire that they wanted her to coach them.

When it was delivered to our place, my husband, me and our daughter were in the living room.  Then, I started reading it right after I opened the package.  At first, it seems like the story was leading to seriousness mostly when Bash was talking with the boy with special needs.  My husband even commented saying, that book is for older kids and not Abi’s age (our daughter).  But I just continued reading, when I was on the part in which Teddy was talking about his dog being his service dog…my husband said,” ohhhh” (with an empathetic facial reaction) on his face.

I stopped reading on that part and read it again to our daughter after some days passed.  It was great that before I read it again to our little one, she watched the service dog’s episode of National Geographic kids channel and from there she had an idea what service dog was about and their training’s and purposes and same with me (since it was discussed in that episode).  As a mom, I am thankful that there is a book like this that showing moral and character learning’s to the kids.  As a parent, it aids me also to explained and discussed with our daughter what is out there-beyond the boundary of our home, and the reality of the world we are equipping her to face once she grow up, and the essence of sharing and showing encouragement even we don’t have dog…this stirred our hearts as a family.

Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy is available in Paperback, Audible (Unabridged), and Audio CD (Audiobook) format. This book is truly a Great work.  It actually encourage me to write an eBook or book someday, God willing.

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