Got Healthcare Card? Medicard RxE.R. Emergency and preventive healthcare made easy

MEDICard, a leading health maintenance organization (HMO), lives up to its reputation as a reliable partner for health and medical care with the RxER. Designed to give members utmost value and convenience, the RxER offers a new and specialized health care maintenance service that covers emergency, preventive and outpatient care. Best of all, there’s no age limit, no medical check-up required and there’s no hierarchy to be followed.

Patients requiring care for emergency trauma cases in MEDICard-accredited hospitals including five-star hospitals and SLMC Global will have an overall limit of P20,000 for individual members and P30,000 aggregate limit for groups of three. In addition, emergency care charges include ER fee and professional fees and emergency medications directly related to the illness for the following cases, subject to conditions under exclusion: trauma cases within 6 hours from the time of the incident; burns; animal bites and accidental chemical poisoning.

Also included are emergency diagnostic procedures and lab tests such as ultrasound, CT scan and MRI up to P5, 000. Moreover, tetanus toxoid, anti-tetanus serum and active immunization for anti-rabies will be covered. 

Also included are ordinary casting and splint. These benefits are subject to emergency care limit.

Members can avail of emergency services for the abovementioned cases more than once as long as the limit is not yet consumed and the incident happened within 6 hours.

For non MEDICard-accredited hospitals, members will be reimbursed 100% of approved hospital bills and professional fees up to P20, 000 for individual members and P30, 000 aggregate limits for groups of three. All other provisions under the emergency care follow.

For outpatient services, members can enjoy unlimited free consultations with primary care physicians and some specialists like pediatricians, medical internists and obstetricians in all MEDICard clinics. Moreover, members are eligible to enjoy 30% discounts on the following: consultations with other specialists and sub-specialists in all MEDICard clinics based on special rates for RxER; all laboratory and diagnostic tests in all MEDICard clinics; all surgeries done at MEDICard clinics based on special rates for RxER; all dental procedures done at MEDICard clinics aside from discounts on all procedures at the MEDICard Skin and Body clinic. Members are also entitled to free dental consultations and pre and post natal consultations at MEDICard clinics.

In addition, members also enjoy financial assistance of up to P50, 000 for accidental death and disability. 100% insurance coverage will be given to loss of life, both hands or feet, both arms or legs, sight of both eyes, one hand and one foot, hearing on both ears, speech and any other injury causing permanent total disablement. Members who lose one arm or one leg are entitled to 75% of the insured amount while 50% will be given to those who lose one hand or foot or sight of one eye, four fingers of one hand and one foot above the ankle. 25% insurance coverage will be awarded to members who lose a thumb and index finger of either hand and all toes of one foot; 15% to those who lose two fingers of any one hand and 5% to those who lose one big toe.

Membership is only P1, 800.00 and is open to individuals or to groups of three at P3,500.00 who will enjoy no provisions for hierarchy, status and family relationships. Membership begins when MEDICard sends a confirmatory text or email to the members. Initially valid for 6 months, members have the option to continue their membership but need to enroll as a new member. However, they will enjoy no renewal provisions.

To know more about the RxER, call Lady Lyn E. Calderon at (632)846-0656 | (632) 553-0682|Mobile+63939-054977 or email inquiry at

(Source: Medicard Philippines.,Inc.)