Regions Bank, easy checking

Opening a personal checking account is so simple and easy with Regions Bank-Henderson branch as my husband and I experienced with them.  The clerk promptly assisted us the moment she saw us entered the front door, she was courteous and quick.  She directed us to a comfortable room in which three guest-chairs were waiting.

Joshua, my husband has faithfully held an account with Regions for 12 years under his account’s representative payee.  When he was approved to handle his own account, he decided to open a personal account under his name that will be managed by him.

The only requirements the clerk asked were his Social Security number and a minimum of $50 dollars initial deposit.  

He didn’t fill out any form.  Instead, the clerk was the one who encoded all the needed details in the computer using the Regions Computerized Banking System. She just asked few questions like mailing address, telephone number and if my husband wants to mail the monthly statement of account or through email.  Since we are wired daily and have a mobile email and Web mail in our phone wherein we can always check our inbox, he used the latter and gave his personal email address.  

Though I found it odd when she asked my husband about what PIN (Personal Identification Number) he wants to use to make withdrawals using debit card and online purchase instead of providing a PIN Pads, a PIN entry device into which the client will enter his/her chosen PIN and in privately manner without disclosing or showing it to any one.

I asked my husband if he encountered PIN Pads before with Region Banks and he said he couldn’t remember doing so followed by the words, “they are all the same“.

In a professional view point towards security, I
believe PIN number shouldn’t not be disclosed to anyone by the account
holder because this is used to verify the identity of the account holder
or the user of the bank card unless he or she opts to.  I also believe
and as highly suggested by many, It is so important to protect PIN
against unauthorized disclosure or misuse though my husband answered
back, still I am thinking Regions must improve their quality of service
in terms of confidentiality by investing in digital PIN Pads. If they have it already, I believe they must implement and use it. 

I am thinking if they passed ISO 9564 in which the modern banking systems
require interoperability between different card issuers, acquiring banks and retailers
– including transmission of PIN between those entities – so a common
set of rules for handling and securing PIN is required, both to ensure
technical compatibility and a mutually agreed level of security.  

Any how, we are confident that the account will be safe and my husband can always change the PIN number.  

In just a matter of minutes, hubby’s account was processed.  He received a Regions starting Kit enclosed with Transaction Register, starting check, check card register and some points to read like deposit agreement.

The clerk asked hubby to made an initial $50 deposit to his account.  After three days, we received the debit card.  We can also personalized the card designs through Regions YourPix Studio.  Hubby thinks its cool, so we will do it if the $10 fee will waived and the process is free. 

                                                  Proverbs 24:3-4

Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is
established; and by knowledge the rooms shall be filled with all
precious and pleasant riches.

Plum Fruit

I found Henderson, Tennessee as a place that is abundant with trees mostly pine trees.  When I first got here in the Unites States, one in my minor list that I was looking forward was to see an apple tree.  But, days had passed I couldn’t find one not even a fruit bearing trees.

I asked Joshua, my husband about it.  Neighbors yards are big enough to plant fruit bearing trees, why is that I couldn’t even see one.  He simply said that the government is monopolizing the food supply.  

Well that was my husband opinion about it, or maybe it has something to do with the climate.  But if its the climate, I am thinking that there is a probability of at least one fruit bearing tree is seasoned to bear fruit in each four seasons of the country.  I already experience the Spring and Summer and I am looking forward to at least handpick edible fruits from the trees of any kind.

I am not desperate to see a fruit bearing trees, but I found it odd that each household is blessed with a big yard.  But, what I mostly see are grass that being mowed most of the time, tall-flowery-trees, ornamental and flowery plants.

In front of Grammy’s yard, there is an old plum tree planted nearby the road.  It is full of purplish with a green tint leaves.  If you will come and see it by yourself, you will enjoy the shades it can give and you will be enamored by its beautiful scenic view.   

This tree was said to be barren and not
fruitful for a matter of years.  Even my husband told me that he never
witness the tree to bear fruit back then as also mentioned by Aunt Kathy (Joshua’s Aunt). 

Last Month, when I first heard
that barren story from Joshua, and Aunt Kathy I uttered a breath prayer and blessed
the tree to be fruitful and that the curse be removed and be denounced
from it in Jesus name.  The curse might be in the form of disease that cause the tree to stop providing delicious fruits but whatever it is,  I trusted God that He will do something about it believing that He gave us every tree that has fruit with seed in it for our food.  

Last June 24, after Joshua and I watered our tomato plants, Aunt Kathy called me and was trying to showed me something red she was holding in her palm.  My first glance at it, it looks like a tomato fruit.  Then, I wondered for a seconds if the one and only tomato fruit that we watered a minutes ago turned to red, fall to the ground and when she saw it she picked it up.  But it couldn’t be, a green tomato fruit can’t be ripe and turned to red that fast.  She said smiling, it was the fruit of the plum tree.  

We were all glad.  That night, after we received the answer to my prayer.  I went outside to the plum tree and right there under the tree I praise God how He answered my prayer, it was so personal that I was not the only one witnessed it but the whole household. 

My heart was rejoicing that I composed a hymn to praise God for His goodness that He commanded the tree to give us fruit to show how merciful He is.  A God who answered a prayer.  He heard me.  He heard my request.

The verse in the Bible in the book of Psalm 108:1 says, “A song. A psalm of David. My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.”  

In my song, I was praising Jesus.  A song that was directly from my heart.  I asked Him again, “Lord, if You are with us and with the generation of Haltom family and that You wanted me to be courageous, still
and not to be afraid (a part of His words He has given to me written in the Bible a year ago), please show
me another sign.”

I asked God to give us another plum
fruit and then my husband
came and praise God with hymn when he heard me singing. 

The following morning Aunt Kathy was very glad when she
showed to me a  plum fruit over a tissue in her hand.  

She said she found it over the grass when she had a morning walk with the dogs.  It was more ripe than the first one and the skin was cut.  We figured it out that it fall from the tree to the ground. 

I shared with Joshua and Aunt Kathy about the prayer.  I was thinking, why  Aunt Kathy was the one who always first saw the fruits, then I realized God wanted her to be part of the joy of Him answering prayers, plus the fact that she always got up from bead earlier than me. lol

My life is not enough to bring back all the glory to God.  I am so thankful to Him because that was the very first time I had a plum fruit and take note fresh from the tree.  I may not see an apple tree but its okay no rush because I had eaten kilos apple back in the Philippines. 

The second plum fruit was more sweeter than the first plum fruit Aunt Kathy gave to me.

We are so blessed and amazed.  God is amazing, and He is with us.  He is with me in everything.  It was a miracle, a miracle that happened daily but in so personal ways.

Joshua 1:9 
9Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

“Infolinks, we don’t just earn, but we learn to smartly innovate.”

Today, we are celebrating our 1 year, a month and 23 days of partnership and ads relationship to be exact with Infolinks.  Recalling how we met Infolinks, my friend “Emily” was the one who introduced them to us after she found out for herself that Infolinks is the
best way to earn money online through Text Advertising.  

I was engrossed the way my friend Emily presented how Infolinks works.  In her a minute and 33 seconds video, she demonstrated in a light, creative-bubbly-clear and in detailed manner the text advertising as powered by Infolinks, and how will it give a visitor an informational ads once they landed to the advertiser page and the monetary benefits will it give to us through advertising revenue.  

When I fully understood the concept and how easy it was to join, I signed up, pasted the code and added my two websites What’s HOT and Blogger eHOW. Voila! The process was a matter of minutes only.

Since I couldn’t contained my excitement, that day on I wrote an article about joining my websites with Infolinks and published it with my days old Blogger eHOW which entitled Monetize your Blog: Infolink-Text Adverstising with an aimed of sharing my finding a pandora’s box moment to the world wide web and bloggers like me.  That same day, I linked the video to my fiance which is my husband now.  He was convinced and he signed up immediately and added his self maintained website Herblend.

During the start of our partnership with Infolinks, I found out that it is not just a one of a kind online Text Advertising but a company that provides feedback to the publisher through their support team.  The following day, I received an email confirmation from Infolinks Publisher Program saying that my application was being processed:

Talking with my own experience, Infolinks not just monetize websites with smart ad units but in support, they are also quick.  One day had passed, I received an email from The Infolinks Team informing me that my application for Blogger eHOW was tested and that my website doesn’t contain enough text for Infolinks algorithm work properly.  I was a bit sad for I expected that it will be approved same as my other website.  But the email was full of hope which promptly gave a sense of importance  and a dose of encouragement to a publisher like me not to mention the possible approval:   

I felt valued as a publisher, and a partner in this text advertising business.  There is a high assurance that we are dealing with human account officer and not just a computer programmed generated email response.  The support team reply back on time. 

March of this year, I flew here in United States from the Philippines to be married.  For start-up, my husband and I planned to use our knowledge in blogging with a mission of reaching out for the communities in our town and nearby areas and to the world at large to help them to promote businesses free-of-charge and providing encouraging article to the visitor by linking it to What’s HOT which talks about relationship & marriage and other stuff.  This was how our new free ads site was born.  The BizHUB e-Ads!  

Infolinks made this site more attractive to the visitors not just in text advertising but in terms of insearch, intag, and inframe.  We visualized that businesses owner will be more attracted to published their ads not just because its free-of-charge but the friendliness of the site in terms of online searching with the help of Infolinks.  

The Infolinks options “add website” and 1-Minute Integration made it more easier for us to add BizHUB e-Ads to our existing account.  My husband and I both decided to integrate all of our existing websites in one Infolinks account to systematically manage it well.  I emailed again our account officer and seeks a re-approval for Blogger eHOW and at the same time a request to synchronize all sites to one account.  

Our Account Manager named Shirley immediately provided solutions to my request and gave us an easy to follow instructions to fully processed our request.

The succeeding email exchanges between us and our Infolinks Account Manager was providing as a suggestion on how we can fully approved and optimized our account to increased our traffic volume: 

We are fully enjoying the smart advertising package Infolinks is giving to our sites, “we don’t just earn, but we learn to smartly innovate.”   

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James 2:26 KJV
“Faith without works is dead” 

Father’s Gift

The Holy Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1-2 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. 2 a time to be born and a time to die.”  

With a permission of my husband, a part of his story as being a son, his few but treasured memories with his biological father, and how his father’s sudden death impacted our relationship as husband and wife as shared in this article. 

The first time my husband and I met, he became open to me about his parents’ relationship set-up.  He grew up with his mother (my mother in law) without the presence and guidance of his biological father. 

At the age of 8 years old, an opportunity to communicate with his father happened with the help of a relative. This bridged the gap between Joshua and his dad instantly.  As he said, “it was a 15 minutes arranged talk over the phone” and Joshua described it as an “eight years old boy life changing decision”.  The decision for him to see his dad face to face was left up to him.  

Over the phone his father asked him if he wants to see him face to face.  At the young age he wanted to see his parents united. Joshua answered his father with stipulation which goes like, “are you going to be back with my mom?”  An ignorant answer that imposed a question without full comprehension that it will never happen for the reason that both of his parents has different spouses and different marital relationship.  Yearning to experience the love from his biological father which he was not able to receive from the situation he had with a half a family.  

It was a conversation that ended with no assurance of rebuilding a father and son relationship.  

Being exposed with people with close relationships with their fathers, Joshua  had an awakened desire to know something about his Dad.  After 17 years of not hearing from each other, at the age of 25 years old he contacted his father.  A perfect season to open the gate that was shut for a longer period of time.  This time around it was his own decision and eagerness that droves him to meet his father and see him in person for the first time.  

Joshua’s old rugged Nike shoes from his Dad 

The first time he saw his biological father was a Christmas of 2010 where he received from him a guitar and a pair of shoes.  Followed by a hang out with a barbeque set up.  A season wherein his relationship with his dad has a connection on how he is seeking Jesus Christ.  He told to his father that he was a vegetarian but he was not.  

While he was sharing to me that part of story about his father, I became curious why he said the vegetarian thing.  I asked him about it, and while he was reviewing his memory it was revealed to him that his real heart intention about saying something that he was not “was actually a form of him saying that his father doesn’t know what he likes.”   

When I heard that from my husband, I just thought of these things–what if God our father in heaven doesn’t know who we really are as His children?  What if he doesn’t even know what’s going on in our minds and in our hearts? And given the distance between His Holiness and us because of our sins, what if he wasn’t able to bridge the gap and comprehend the desires of our hearts, what will happen to us?  Will it remain as is without a possibility of being fulfilled? 

But when I got back from my deep thought, I was so thankful that our Father in heaven is an all knowing God who offered His only begotten son Jesus Christ that reconciled us to Himself.  He is our Heavenly Father that always wants to be involved in every details of our lives.  He never missed anything about us.  In fact even before the day we were born and even beyond death up to the endless path of eternity He is concerned with us.  The verse in the Bible in the book of Psalm 22:10 says, “From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God (NIV).”

The pattern of Joshua’s relationship with his biological father had a direct impact on how he was motivated to relate and become closer with his relationship with Jesus Christ back then.  Modelling Christ love to us by our earthly father as the leader and a spiritual head of the family is one of the important role assigned to them.  

There might be a season that sometimes it was not performed well due to the dysfunctional set up of families as cause by broken relationships, but God never failed to fulfilled the part of being a father to us.  

That day on Joshua’s relationship with his father was established.  Another valued get together happened between him and his dad, but sadly after another two years, the fourth and last time the two reunited was his father’s memorial service.  I was able to witnessed his last glance of his father earn.  Sadly on my part, I wasn’t able to meet my father in law when he was still alive.

Life alone has different activities under heaven, different cycles that most of the times our minds couldn’t comprehend.  But each dot which connects the cycle has different roles to perform in completing the purpose God designed to each of us.

I learned that imperfections of the people can only be resolved by the perfection of God’s love for us.  That’s why Jesus Christ teaches us how to pray to our Heavenly Father: 

Matthew 6:9-13
New Living Translation (NLT)
9 Pray like this:
Our Father in heaven,
    may your name be kept holy.
10 May your Kingdom come soon.
May your will be done on earth,
    as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today the food we need,
12 and forgive us our sins,
    as we have forgiven those who sin against us.
13 And don’t let us yield to temptation,
    but rescue us from the evil one.

Failure, retest, and confidence

“Not to be overly confident”, these were the words that my husband humbly answered me when I asked him what he learned after he failed to pass the drivers license knowledge test that effects his character. 

Joshua hasn’t had his driver license for a matter of years already since he lost it due to driving under the influence of alcohol during the time that he was still wondering in the wilderness and was cold in his relationship with Christ Jesus and that is another story to tell.

We were excited and waited for this moment, we are hopeful that everything will be processed today since we already paid the reinstatement fee online and got a proof that he paid his court fine and taking another test is not risky for he took it the first time he applied when he was 16 years old. 

A friend of us Candace drove us to Tennessee Department of Public Safety in Savannah, Tennessee and since none of us had ever been there before, we uttered a prayer of guidance from God to direct us to the road.

When we got there, Joshua asked the personnel at the counter if he has to take a test and the personnel replied, “since it has been more than five years it is a requirement for you to take the knowledge and skill test”.  She instructed my husband to read first the Drivers License Manual and take his time to review it before his computer test.

Candace and I sat beside him while he was reading the manual.  I had my copy too and read it just too let my husband know that my support was with him.  I noticed that he was silently reading it.  I asked this to him, “are you nervous and he answered me without hesitation and not even look to my face, “no”.  

When he was confident enough he returned the manual to the shelf and went back to the personnel, and got his Application form for Tennessee Drivers License test, and completed all the needed details. 

He was instructed to wait for his number to be called then the personnel over the counter 3 asked a series of questions and checked his eye sight.  I was looking to him from my seat and he looked back to me and gave me a thumbs up.  After they took his picture, he looked at me and he signaled that he was about to take the test.  He walked in towards the testing room with a door shut.

We were not able to pray together, but all the while I was praying for him.

In my mind I kept on saying, “Jesus Christ, please be with my husband guide him Lord.  Give him a wisdom to remember all the stored information in his mind and what he reviewed.  Suddenly, I was reminded that God is already with us.  His presence is everywhere. I kept on asking Him to be with my husband but a room of doubt was being magnified  on me.

I am not fully exercising the truth that His spirit is upon us. Living in us as God’s gift, presence, and power within us.  The topic yesterday at the Church that talks about Genesis chapter 1 suddenly flashed back like a power point presentation in my mind.  The story of creation and how powerful God’s words are.  As rebuked by the Holy Spirit, I started to thank Jesus for being with my husband and guiding him as he answered all the questions being ask.

After a few minutes Joshua came back saying, “I missed five questions out of 20 but I will pass.”  Then when he got his grade, he totally missed many.  He missed 7 points contrary to what he expected. 

The evaluation paper indicated: To pass this test you could only miss 6 points and you missed 7 points.

He was disappointed and I too.  But my disappointment need not be aired out instead I encourage him and uttered to him, “its okay”.

I fully understood what he was feeling inside for I’ve been through in the  experience of failing to passed an exam a long time ago.  I just let him to process himself and what he was feeling inside. 

Inside the car,  Candace and I encourage him together.  Candace assured us that she can bring us back on Joshua’s scheduled retest.  Again, I smiled at him and said, “God is teaching you something.”  Actually today’s learning was not just for my husband but it was applicable for the two of us. 

Being self-confident and doubting are the two things that haunting us and a  stumbling block not conforming the character of God. 

As my husband took notes from church service, “What
you profess is what you will possess.  There’s a time to pray and a time
to say.  Men, created in the image of God, do not always know the power
of speaking to be.”  

Practicing humility, trusting the Lord and  faith in action are the
powerful lessons that we both learned together.  Though we failed, we will not give up.  We know that there are
more retest that will come along the way but together we are confident that he who
began a good work in us will carry it on to the completion until the day
of Christ Jesus.  

Psalm 139:7-10

New International Version (NIV)

7 Where can I go from your Spirit?
    Where can I flee from your presence?
8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
    if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
    if I settle on the far side of the sea,
10 even there your hand will guide me,
    your right hand will hold me fast.



Divine Intervention

It’s been an efficient day for Joshua and me.  After his morning routine,  he asked me to watched a morning news with him in the living room.  I was a bit sleepy but I couldn’t let this moment pass.  Spending quality time with my husband than laying with the pillow is much important with me.  I smiled at him and stretched my hands towards him and waited for him to pulled me up from bed and he did.  

The news was about the United States President talking about immigration reform.  We had a little discussion about the current status of immigration system in the US and those who are illegally living in the US.  As time goes by, I noticed that my husband was almost done with his coffee and not focusing much of his attention in the news report.  It was a red light for me to escalate a request.  “Baba, can we jog around the cloud circle?”, he looked at me and answered back with a question, “jog?” and followed by “yes”.  

 Its been a weeks already when we had our last jogging because of constant rain.  Doing things together all the time spices our relationship.  I believe it develops our sensitivity and style of relating with each other daily and by God’s grace, we continuously learn to interact.  Our pre-marital seminar guidelines indicates that, “the first year of marriage sets the pattern for the rest of the marriage.  This year needs most of your attention.  Watch it like a clock.” 

After we jogged,  we came back home and settled for a while.  I started to washed the dishes and he came towards me and said, “you are doing the dishes” and I turned with him with a bubbles in my hands, “yes, If I will not do it you will be the one to do it” he replied saying, “somebody will”. lol.

 This may sounds odd but I love washing dishes, for this is the time for me to reflect and my quiet time with God.  Grammy’s kitchen has a window just in front of the sink,  and seeing the green grass, the tall pecon trees, a pair of birds once in a while landed in the ground that looks like playing and the view of sneaky squirrels made my heart feels so connected with my creator and the feeling of peace it brought to me made me refreshed. 

After the dishes, I felt hungry and surely my husband too.  I looked inside the refrigerator for what it can offer to us but this 3ft. wide and 6 ft. tall cooling food storage was shouting for cleaning.  After a seconds of thinking, I found myself removing each layer, scrubbing and washing it.  

I was so engrossed in doing it when I suddenly stopped,  the glass layer dimension was too big to be washed fully in the sink and removed the soap from it.  I had a thought of asking my husband to give me a hand.  That time he was in the living room,  I called him and asked him to please wash it in the tub.  When he was done,  he came back and put it at the corner. I thought he decided he was done in helping me.  I had an urge to voice out that I still need a help because there were still two layers left but there was a strong conviction in me that its not good to force him to do a house task unless he wills to do it.  I just uttered a breath prayer and asked Jesus to convict my husband through the work of the Holy Spirit in him, to give him a willing heart to help me.

I was expecting for a divine intervention,  then in a few seconds I saw through my right eye peripheral vision that my husband returned  with a new roll of paper towels in his hands and started to wiped the inside frame of the refrigerator.  I figured out that he figured out that removing the stained in the refrigerator wall required yards of paper towels.  

I smiled and give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.  I witnessed a numerous divine intervention in my life and all the amazing things He did for us.

I am confident that anything I ask according to God’s will in Jesus name He will hear me.  His divine intervention in our marriage is to cause a purpose and that is to bring us in complete oneness and that includes even a small daily chores.  I believe through this, God is building a team work in us and Him as our coach. 

After few hours,  I shared with my husband the answered breath prayer I uttered, and even though I already knew it was a divine intervention I asked him what urged him to returned back and helped me again without me asking him to do it, and he said, “just thing to do”.  

There was a portion in the session one of the pre-marital seminar that required my husband to answer this questions: “Why will your marriage be different?  Why won’t your marriage end in divorse?” and he answered it with this:  “Divine intervention…we are both encouraged by God, and He is the connection between us.  We both want to leave a better way for our children than what we were born into… we will work together to improve the world at large.”

1 John 5:14 (NIV)

14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Self-centeredness, enemy’s foothold

Today, I am celebrating my three weeks of being a wife and a helpmate to my husband (Joshua) not just in physical level but in the aspect of emotional, intellectual and spiritual relationship.  Both of us are still on the academy of adjustment and learning mostly in meeting each others needs and differences in characters.

I remember one morning,  I became upset towards Joshua because I was waiting for him to greet me “good morning” with a sweet smile on his face but I didnt get what I was expecting him to say with me.  Instead he stood up from bed and said, “Baby (his word of endearment to me) I will just have a shower.”  But he was forgetting something, something that for me must be said first before him doing anything else.  My emotions was stirred and I was about to burst out just because of him not meeting my expectations.  My initial reaction was, “you don’t even say good morning to me” not even told me you love me.” then I turned my back from him and face the wall.   Seeing this reaction cause my husband to pet me and remind me about the Proverbs 31:12 verse ( he knows that I desire to apply that verse into action). 

I may seem childish and immature but in my mind there was a battle going on.  I felt so bad and felt like I was being ignored.  I am not much of a romantic person but on my own perspective we just got married.  Where is the sweetness?  On his part, his focus was doing his morning routine.  I can’t even beat him in taking a morning shower so early. 

In times like this,  if I choose to act according to my flesh I will be mad and ignored my husband but it will not cause us good.  Reverence to God is what I need to practice which is to imitate what Proverbs 31:12 woman modeled which says, she does him good and not evil all the days of her life which constantly remind me about one of the characters of being a good wife.  We ended up cuddling after cease fire.

But when we were walking to the town to Subway store for our breakfast, another episode happened.  He was about to cross the road without holding my hand and these made me recalled what happened earlier and made me tell him what I was feeling inside.  

I told this to him, “do I always need to tell you to please greet me good morning or give me a hug in the morning for you to do it? ” in a dramatic tone of voice followed by this heartfelt words, “do I always need to ask you to hold my hand when we are walking in the road?”.  He smiled and looked at me and said,  “sorry I have only been married a week.  I was used to living alone for a matter of 29 years.”  With a gentle tone of voice.

When I heard that line, I laughed and told him, “I will save that into my mind volt box and archive it when if its needed.”  We ended out laughing together.  

thing that I discovered about my husband as time goes by, he is not a man of flowery words.  He even said it in the song he composed for me
which entitled “Lady Bug”.  A part of the lyrics he wrote says, “words and feeling do not so much define my meaning”. 

I praise God for opportunity like this though it may seem not good at the first glance but through this the intention of my heart was being exposed.  There was a spot of self- centeredness and that is a sin.  Focusing only on my own interest and expectations became a foothold of the enemy in my heart.  Being self-centered doesn’t manifest the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  The truth is, being self-centered is an evil and wrong desires of the flesh.  It opposed denying myself daily and be a self-giving without expecting anything in return knowing that God first loved me and perfectly modeled a selfless love by giving His son Jesus Christ and died for my sins.

When I was reading the commentary in the passage Genesis 2:18  which says, “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.”  It made clear to me that I am designed as my husband helper.  I must be the one to help him to be out of his self-centeredness and not me practicing my own self-centeredness and this is not healthy for it might cause me to hurt my husband instead of helping him.  

I am thankful to God for the protection and for exposing the devil’s foothold on me.  I need to be on guard daily against the enemy’s not to lured me out of the purpose as a wife to Joshua as God designed me to be.

I remember what my husband and I learned from our Christian couple friends who are been married for 53 years.  The husband told us, “A lot of people say marriage is a 50/50 partnership.  But he said he disagree, its a 100/100 that shall be given.”

I will end this with what Joshua and I learned from our pre-marital seminar, “The principle of marriage relationship must be built like a triangle where God is in the center and the husband and wife are the two base points.  The closest the relationship husband and wife goes to God the closest relationship they become to each other.”