Blind at Work

After work, I rushed to Robinsons Forum (Pioneer) last Friday to look for a techy laptop repair shop to fix Mebius (name of my laptop). While searching, a signage caught my attention “Vibes Massage Services” located at 2nd floor of the Mall and what intrigued me most were, the massage rates were affordable plus I noticed that their masseur were blinds. Out of curiosity, I asked the receptionist and do you know what I had found? They offered a Bed Massage and Chair Massage services and their professional blind masseur had an expertise in Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Acupressure.
Since, I’ve been experiencing a back pain for a longer period of time due to wrong seating postures I guess; I immediately signed up to give myself an indulging massage.

The receptionist explained that beds were fully occupied so I waited for a matter of 30-minutes. I had my dinner first and when I came back the professional blind masseur assigned to me was waiting. Her name was Rose and approximately she’s in her mid-forties. By the way, the client has an option if they preferred a lady or a guy masseur.
There was still no available bed and it was getting late, my last option was the Chair Massage. The chair was comfy, it can be tilt at the head part and you can even lie down your body in the whole frame of the chair and have a nap while having a relaxing massage.
Rose gave me a Shiatsu massage. She started from my shoulder down to the lower part of my back. She also gave me a relaxing head and arms massage. The aching muscles I had at my back was gone because of the rhythmic pressure she applied using her fingers and palm.
I was talking with Rose the entire session. She was a cheerful person and I found out that she’s been in the clinic for six years working as a masseur together with her husband who was a blind masseur also. Their profession was the bread and butter of their family.

I was amazed to these couple; even I don’t know them personally, their eagerness to support the daily needs of their family became a great encouragement on my part. Imagine, their blindness doesn’t hinder them to work.
For me Ate Rose is one of the best examples of a wife who sets about her work vigorously, her arms are strong for her tasks. Proverbs 31:17.