Journey to Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. -Joshua 1:9 NLT

2011 God answered prayers.

  • Joshua and I met in an online communities of Christians, Muslims, Jewish Mysticism, Atheist and of other beliefs.
  • Joshua traveled from Henderson, Tennessee to Manila, Philippines and found his wife, Me.

2012-2013 We experienced God’s faithfulness.

  • Joshua’s petition for I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance(e) were approved and  received my K1 visa and flew to USA and got married.
  • Joshua underwent a 6 months treatment for  Hepatitis C, which resulted the viruses in his blood undetected.
  • My green card application was denied.  It wasn’t good but not that bad. Being card less made me restricted in some ways.  Like denied to have a permit to work; and denied in application for drivers license; but looking back though it restricted me in paperwork permits, it didn’t prevented me to gained the privilege to always traveled with my husband everywhere I went.  My lover and my best driver was with me EVERY TIME in the road.  Yes, night and day, in all of my weaknesses my husband was my knight and shining armor. That’s God’s blessing in our marriage.
  • Met people that helped us and blessed us in numerous ways.

2014, We experienced God’s abundance of blessings, favor and provisions; healing and  deliverance. 

  • Our joy was conceived, and Abigail was born.  We also transferred to our first low-cost apartment.
  • We started our small family business, Herblend Teas Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Experience our first setbacks together in a short period of time due to relapses in Joshua’s mental condition.

2014, 2015, We experienced God’s forgiveness, healing and continuous restoration.

  • A highly destructive event causing our family to experienced severe pain, severe shame, that crushed not just our hearts but our spirits.
  • I experienced minor depression and downward spiral outlook in life.
  • Marital blame and shame

2015-2017We experienced God as our fortress, our strong foundation, our peace, Our Shepherd, Our Healer, Our Friend, our Father.

  • September 01, 2015 we migrated in the Philippines and being hopeful to received favor from the government in becoming a pioneer in importing our Herblend product CBD Rich Hemp Oil to helped the Filipinos who needs it.   Prior to our traveled date, we communicate our desired in importing the oil to some authorities of the government sectors.
  • We had a privileged to be connected and met faced-to-faced with non-government organization supporting the legalization of medical marijuana.  Behind this organization are lobbyist and the strong parents of children’s who are hopefuls to accessing the medical cannabis legally.
  • Our request to import the CBD Rich Hemp Oil product that we had stocks at Chester County were denied by Food and Drug Administration Branch at Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines.  Which resulted our business in Chester County to be forced stopped.  The decision was based from the DOH and PDEA issue advisory against the use of hempseed oil.


  • Our daughter accidentally ingested some pieces of Haloperidol tablets, an anti-psychotic drugs which brought her to emergency room, and made my husband suffered from emotional anxiety.
  • Migrating from Tennessee to Philippines from Bulacan to Sucat-Alabang to Imus, Cavite opened another door for us to started a short term outreach which we called Teach Them Well, an interactive workshop reaching out to our neighboring communities.  Our mission to raise the quality of life family to family, community to community, building with Pray, Care, Share.  Through Teach Them Well, we met parents and their children, government officials, librarians and teachers, and even non-government organizations who helped us and supported this short term cause.
  •  Father’s Day of 2016,  we woke up noticing that our house had been robbed.
  • Met people from SIPAG or Simula ng Pag-asa. Its a 12-week recovery program launched in cooperation with the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), and in partnership with local churches, various business sectors, NGOs, the PNP and LGUs across the nation. (Cited: SIPAG)
  • In between all of these, Joshua’s mental health extremely suffered causing him to had a severe relapse that brought my husband one psychotic episode triggered by stress in processing immigration papers, and trip through the emergency room last September, 2016  (which led him to another diagnosis of Bipolar and Mood disorder).
  • In our consultation with Psychiatrist we met patience and faces of supportive   families.
  • November, 2016 my application for B1/B2 for emergency medical purpose of accompanying my husband together with our daughter to go back in USA was denied by the consul of USA EMBASSY MANILA
  • With the mighty acts of God, we had a one day relaxation outside the Philippines.  Our family flew to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for a purpose of availing again a year of visa less stay in the Philippines for a foreign passport holders like my husband, Joshua and our daughter Abigail through Balikbayan Program.
  • March, 2017 my husband’s petition for me for I-130, Petition for Alien Relative through Direct Consular Filing (DCF) was approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or (USCIS)-Manila.
  • May, 2017 we received the Affidavit of Support from USA signed by precious people whose favored bestowed to us since then.

With the Lord’s graciousness and compassion, this May will be the completion of my medical examination and following this is our family’s interview with the Immigration Consul.

I would like to commend the commitment of my husband  “To Hold.”  He strongly refused the idea of  going back in the USA earlier than I, and once my paper works are done I will follow them.  Though many times he was given a numerous opportunity to traveled back in the USA with Abigail (with my consent), firmly he stood his words.  His action showed how he prioritized and valued his strong commitment to me to always be available physically and spiritually even in times of testing.  He is valuing and protecting our marriage to bringing us more into one body.

I am thanking God, because he stood the test of time and flee the temptation of leaving me behind.

Yesterday, we decided to had a simple lunch at Rosemary’s Kitchen.  They offered a buffet lunch for a very affordable price.  Our daughter Abigail was with us and we took this as an opportunity in sharing with her the reason of our gathering.

Our goal is for her to understand that in each phases of joy, pain, tears, obstacles, downhill, sorrow, brokenness, failures, and triumph  her parents experienced together in our relationship, with all of our imperfections, sins and flaws there is a God who look after us.  That there is He who showed His faithfulness, forgiveness, blessings, and protection to us  in all of the series of fiery furnace we’ve been through together as husband and wife.  That Jesus got us.

Let us all remember, even in the darkest forest, a tiny firefly will bring light.

Today, our encouragement is  “So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the LORD!” -Psalm 31:24

Our prayer is for us to understand all the events that took place in our lives.  And to not missed His calling.

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