“Desirable IN and OUT”

I am amazed with women who are already in their mid 40’s but still look like twenties. I knew a lot of old age women that look ten (10) years younger than their real age and really you will never get any hint because they have a flawless and wrinkle free face, of course not unless you have the courage to ask them about their age. I wonder what kind of beauty preparations and routine they have for them to achieve their youthful looking and glowing skin.

But I think I should not be surprise about it anymore at this modern age almost nothing is impossible. If you have extra money to spend for beautification you can easily achieve the stunning look most of the commercial models have, right?

But one thing that I don’t understand is the fact that most of the Filipina women spent thousands of pesos for their glutathione and methathione just to have a whiter complexion skin, hello we are here in the Philippines aren’t you proud of your kayumanggi (brown) and kastanyo (morena) skin tone? Aren’t you aware that most of the American women spent time & dollars to undergo an artificial tanning procedure, just to achieve the morena look that we naturally have.

FYI, the darker skin tone you have the higher amounts of melanin, and it also mean more protection you have against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. Aren’t you glad that we are so blessed by a higher amount of melanin? Just to make myself clear, I’m not against to any whitening skin products or any whitening skin procedure that are readily available in the market. I am just sharing my opinion about this matter.

As a woman, I strongly believe there is nothing wrong if women undergo a natural beautification.This was done before by the lovely and beautiful woman in the Old Testament. I am referring to Esther, in her case before the king set the royal crown upon her head and became a queen she had completed twelve months beauty treatment apportioned with six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with perfumes and preparations for beautifying women. Long before they already knew the value of taking good care of skin using natural beauty products.

But the question is up to what extent are you willing to take and pay just to become physically desirable? Wait, I am asking about your outside appearance. Yes, the one that is not eternal. The one that will vanish away, deteriorate and will be buried 6-feet below the ground after death (can you imagine that?). Let us always be reminded about this, “charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised”(Proverbs 31:30).

Before we become busy spending time and money in enhancing our physical appearance, we must first become busy to be beautiful and desirable in our Creator’s eyes. Don’t you think it is more vital for a women like you and I? Let’s go back to the story of Queen Esther and see how she became a desirable woman in and out, (if you haven’t read her story please open your bible and look for the book of Esther in the Old Testament) when Esther found out from her maids and eunuchs that there was a decree to destroy all the Jews plotted by Hamman, really she became distressed.

But take note of this, Queen Esther was not just an ordinary woman of vanity. She completely knew that God can do something about the situation they had. Before she went to the king and plead for her people, she asked the Jews to fast and pray for her for three days because no one was to go before the king without being called. Esther’s intention was pure that she never forgets to acknowledge God in everything. When she told the king of the wickedness of Haman, the king had him destroyed instead of Esther and her people. This woman was totally of great value, with great identity in God. Amazing right?

Like Esther, we women should know how to take care of our skin. Like for me, since I am not getting any younger (now you know) I also have my own way of taking care of my skin, and take note I am faithful with these products. I used loofah over pumice stone during bath to exfoliate, clean and detoxify my skin and I used it with my favorite brand of soap Olay Body Age Defying Moisturizing Bar Soap. I habitually used Avon Skin so Soft Age defying+ renewing Body Moisture after bath and before going to bed. For my skin vitamin, I take one capsule of Myra-300 E a day. Having a balance diet and exercise every Saturday with my friends completed my own way of taking care of my body not just my skin.