Teach Me To Do It Myself By Maja Pitamic

Just recently, I got interested with a book wrote by Maja Pitamic which entitled Teach Me How to Do it Myself.


Photo Credit:  Amazon Kindle 

It was personally suggested by Joy Tan-chi Mendoza of Teach with Joy.  This book is based on the key Montessori principle that children learn best through active experience.  Not just that, what I love about this book it actually presents simple activities through which our daughter Abigail  explore and develop her skills.

I’ll tell you this eBook requires only a minimal amount of investment but with a higher return of investment in terms of understanding, knowing and teaching how does our daughter learns, and guide her how to do it herself.

Anyway, I will keep you more updated on our progress in using this as one of our educational reference for home education and life skills. 🙂


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For our dear parents and online neighbors, please feel free to share your experiences in reading books with your children and if you have any suggestion where to outsource good board books (used and new) for kids please let us know.  Hanggang sa muli.


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