Move It ft. Sviuse Women’s Leggings

Our Abi is getting bigger and bigger. She said, she wants to become more taller. Her playfulness are requiring both of us, her daddy and I to become more energized daily. Imagine how her hyper adrenaline are working: running back and forth around the bush; catch that ball (again & again) and more.

Good thing I am prepared and can cope doing hyper activities with my comfortable, durable, fashionable and fits me well black Sviuse Womens Nylon-Spandex Leggings from Cookie.

Yes I am Size Large!!! 😘😁 & I am confidently beautiful with just that (Dapat Ikaw Din).

How about you, do you like wearing leggings? Let us know your favorite brand and why do you love it.  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.  Merry Christmas!!!



Mail Time ft. Minikiki Phone Holder & Cordless Headphones by Vitchelo


Its our joy to share with you all our experience in receiving items from a couple of cellphone accessories brands,

Both brands are featured in our recent family vlog plus we share the process of receiving mails in this town in United States 🙂

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Holiday’s Brands Pick

Hi guys good day, we would like to share with you some of our list of tried brands that you may find suitable for your love ones needs to unwrapped this coming holiday or even to give to their special days.

Our first holiday pick is a BLACK BEANIE from Cashealaska.   This brand is designed for men and women, and a year round daily use.  Great to wear every day, and just warm enough for  these fall and winter seasons but not too hot even for sunny days.  


Our second holiday pick is a travel, toiletry hanging and portable KevenAnna pink bag for Women.  Girls like bags!!! Aside that this is fashionable, its also roomy and portable.  Easy to put and pack your travel size girly stuff.  A  personal pick to make somebody smile.    

Our third holiday pick is a Black Sminiker Showliss MCH Fast Heat Flat Iron Ionic With LCD Display.  This is something you wouldn’t want to do without once having used it. 🙂

Hope this helps with your pick.  God bless. 🙂

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Goal Applied! Sviuse Womens Faux Leather Bag Review

Homemakers like you and me have needs, and we are looking for products and services we can use ourselves in our households, and even for ourselves.  The market is us sharing our consumer experience with our friends and neighbors and social networks. This is a term called “social capital,” which is the truest representation of value and profit. The process of checking for the right products or items that will fit to our budget & satisfy our needs is much like ants searching for their food, each accounting for one another. This is how we can make the experience of shopping less uncertain for us all by sharing our reviews.

Personally I can say that becoming skilled in using social medias, allocating time in learning it, and becoming purposely-opportunistic and narrowing down my choices, I learned how to use my God given skills to easily access most of the times for FREE & in a given circumstances with super discounted amount of brands & products that I desired for my love ones to have and even to myself ONLY as the NEEDS ARISE.

Today I would like to share with you all how privileged I am to be granted and received; to personally use and talk my experience with a brand of Sviuse Women’s Faux Leather Tote, Cross Split /Joint Single Shoulder Handbag, Briefcase Bag (007, Black) bag from Cookie.

“Its been five years since I stopped getting fashionable stuff for myself for two main reasons (that includes bag): I am not working in a corporate world anymore, and I am a housewife that works within a budget.”  

Though I love fashionable stuff, like colorful dress with a good textures I don’t spend too much on it.

Lady fashion 1

Lady fashion 2

Lady fashion 6

Lady fashion 5


But just this month, I realized that I need a bag with a design that is suitable for my need with a given requirements of:

  • Having a good quality
  • Roomy & Orderly Design.  This being said with many compartments, pockets and good division.
  • Fitted to my budget and with Joshua’s approval.  Worth $7+ of course my skills in marketing & product campaign.

Do you all still remember the article I wrote about GOAL? I cited three principles in that article and these are:

  • Having a goal is having a vision. An achievable idea to output.

So my vision is to have a good quality bag, roomy & orderly design and fitted in my budget.

  • Having a goal requires planning and a process involved in starting and up to achieving it.

I do brand review, thankfully to God I have an easy access with brands and products that will fall to my needs including wants.  But, I need to guard myself so I practice becoming purposely-opportunistic and narrowing down my choices for the reason that I can’t just do all. Because if it’s not part of God’s purpose and His opportunity for me to perform, it’s simply a distraction to remove my heart and focus to the path God has for me. So there is no joy in doing it.

  • Having a goal doesn’t just teach us to learn about the principle of budgeting but applying it, and progressing to becoming effective on it.  Estimate the cost of investment & the needed time to achieve it.

I have a truest need for a good quality leather bag just like this Sviuse Women’s Faux Leather Tote but I only work with a specific monetary budget of $7.00 plus of course my a non-monetary skills to use in doing a brand review.  So I prayed.  I am not in a hurry, but practicing to become purposely-opportunistic, and with a narrowed down choices, I searched on the web and looking for a bag with a design & requirements that is suitable for my need.  I found this Sviuse Women’s Faux Leather Tote bag available for brand review, and from there with proper negotiations and exchange of messages, praise God I was granted the privilege to received this brand new Sviuse faux bag according to my set GOAL.   

We are truly thankful to the brand and Cookie for allowing us to experience, talk & share your high quality-brand new, classy & numerous pockets with 2 compartments bag. We love it so MUCH.  God bless your business.

Finally after all the shoots we did, our brand review for Sviuse Women’s Faux Leather Bag is done. Of course with Joshua’s brilliant idea, and TONS of encouragement this become possible.  All glory to GOD.

So let us know your thoughts towards setting a goal and achieving it. 🙂