Ideal Vision, Ideal Service

Joshua had his glasses frame replaced at Ideal Vision located at the 2nd Floor of Festival Mall Alabang.  He accidently broke his old one when he slept on it, and found it underneath his body when he woke-up.

The week before he broke his frame, we had already gone to that store. We were looking for a glasses case to house his eye glasses.   When we went inside the store and inquired if they had an available case, the sales person whose name we latter found out was Mercy promptly assisted us and handed Joshua a new case.  When we asked how much it cost us, she said, “its free!”

Ideal Vision

Free Eye Glasses Case

My husband and I were both amazed of her kindness.  We actually didn’t expect such generosity.  Joshua even said, “I was willing to pay a couple of hundred pesos for it!”

And because of the kind service that was shown to us by Mercy, Joshua decided to pay it back with a loyal attitude of availing their service.  Good thing that when we came back, there was an on going sale.

This time around, I decided to approach Mercy and remind her about how thankful we were towards her kindness.  For a second, she couldn’t remember what I was telling about,  but when I refreshed her memories and mentioned to her how her gestures blessed us that day, for giving us a free glasses case…she smiled and recalled Joshua.  She said, “Oh, Si Sir.”

Aside of the kindness that was showed to us, I would like to commend the good and quick service that Ideal Vision staff had given to us.  Mostly the following:

  • They show flexibility and humanity in customer relation.  Just like Mercy treated us (the first time we came at the store) her action verified the meaning of her name.
  • Quality service and economical.  They work with you based on your budget.  We disclosed our budget and how much we were willing to pay, and they delivered.
  • Swift Service.  It took only 30 minutes to replace the damaged frame.  So instead of staying at the store we managed to run some errands and finished our grocery shopping.
  • Valued New Client Engagement.  The Assistant-Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Kristia Carbonell commit to us that the next time we come back there, we can still avail the discount for having his vision tested and the lenses upgraded and replaced to put on the frame Joshua already bought.
Ideal Vision Frame 2

Ideal Vision Case and Eyeglasses Frame

Since the frame worth PHP 995 only,  it is thinner and lighter weight than Joshua’s previous frame.  But it has more fashionable design at the side of the frame.  

Ideal Vision Frame

Wearing his Ideal Vision Frame


Ideal Vision

For your eyeglasses needs, you can contact them at 850-3745/ 850-3747 (Festival mall, Alabang Branch) and look for Dr. Kristia Carbonnel or Mercy.