Lala Burara (Messy Lala)

Messy Lala is a story of a young girl whose mom tagged her at home to be messy.  Every day, she received scolding from her mom and being discouraged she don’t do anything about it.  Until a turning point  in their home made Lala and her mom unitedly overcame this messiness!


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The character portrayed by Lala’s mother is relate-able.  I remembered few lines she said which was almost parallel to what I uttered today like. ” I work all day and all night but you don’t even help me”  but instead of saying this I uttered, I was trying to put things in order and now there is an empty peanut wrapper in the floor!”  Its not hard to put this in the garbage!

As a full time homemaker, I fully understand where does Lala’s mom emotions coming from.   One of the focus of mom’s like me is to managed our home well including on this is to maintain the cleanliness of the house.  My mind is round the clock looking for something to do making sure that everything is in order.   From preparing the meals mostly three times a day, to cleaning the dishes while the laundry is being spin in the washing machine. Taking care and addressing the needs of the little ones, and to make myself always available with Joshua meeting his needs being his helpmate and so on and so forth.  Helps that I can get from a helper mostly intentional help from the family makes my life at home more easier and more fruitful.

But my heart is stirred for Lala.  Imagine how she absorbed most of the discouraging words and her mother’s sharpness of tongue.  Four times she was called Messy Lala or tagged as Messy in this story.

In this book, I will not consent on how Lala’s mom’s always pulled her ungracious reactions.  When I was a child, people that surrounds me including of blood relation always tagged me as Negrita or even ugly.  Growing up, hearing those words made me to believe it and then I became inferior. I am praising God for  his gracious love and in revealing to me my beautiful identity in Christ Jesus.

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. -Ephesians 4:29 ESV

By constantly reading this colorful book to our two years old, she actually became familiar with Lala.  During nap time, she always asked for it saying her name LALA.

The story for me is a gentle reminder to all of us of our tremendous influence that we can exercise daily in our children’s lives in teaching them life skills and building their character using the words we speak to them.  I will end this by saying, Redeeming grace is way better than command and control.  Redeeming grace is way better than scolding.

I will suggest this book to be read by parents, teachers and mostly homemakers to their little ones.  Bring your kids with you, and get a paper back copy of Lala Burara (Messy Lala) at any OMF Book Store outlet near you, or shop online at  To God be the glory.


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