Melissa & Doug ABC/123 Wooden Blocks (26 pcs)

I am updating this article for the primary reason of highlighting the kindness of Melissa & Doug

Our daughter Abigail, who is now a toddler  received a Melissa & Doug ABC/123 Wooden Blocks (26 pcs)

This colorful set of 26 wooden blocks, featuring letters, numbers, and pictures, is just right for stacking, sorting, and learning! Perfectly sized for little hands, these blocks will provide endless hours of hands-on playtime, encouraging letter and number recognition, fine motor skills, and problem-solving along the way.  

Before she had this educational Wooden Blocks, at 10 months she became fascinated with the Colorful Alphabetical Wall Stickers in her room.  It spelled-out her first name and middle name.  At the same age, she can utter and recognized letter “A”.  Whenever we were changing her diaper, she was eager to look up, turned her head to the letters on the wall and pointed each letter with excitement.  For us it was a good sign of her becoming ready to be introduced with A,B,C’s formally.  

Mellisa and Doug ABC Wooden Blocks (2)

Our a year old daughter enjoying her Melissa & Doug ABC/123 Wooden Blocks (26 pcs)

So when she turned a year old, we decided to get her an Alphabetical Flash cards with Big and small letters printed on it separately and with colorful images provided on the other side of each card. During our Fun and Learning time (with the goal of intentionally teaching her at least 2 hours a day, allocating an hour in the morning and in the afternoon) creating an environment of us becoming used with homeschooling and learning while having fun.  Joshua (my husband) and I also noticed that she was showing a good interest of being taught using a visual educational materials, only though she can mimic the words I was saying like “apple” for letter “A”, the tendency was she would grabbed the flashcards and kept it with her hands and crumpled it.  Just recently, she discovered that she can ripped it into pieces.  Mind you, she seemed that she was enjoying doing it.   Instead of keep on telling her “No, don’t do it” I concluded that at her age, using flashcards in equipping her to know and be familiarize with alphabet wasn’t advisable.   What I did, I made a research about the available educational toy material that can replaced the educational function of her flashcards (for the meantime) and at the same time safe to use by a toddler of her age, plus will make her more involved in terms of learning while having fun.  I remembered, I once saw this number blocks at Toy’s “R”Us so I just checked its price online and mentioned it to my husband and explained the purpose why Abigail needs to have it.

There are many available alphabet Wooden Blocks at Amazon but this ABC/123 Wooden Blocks from Melissa & Doug got my attention.  So when I learned about it, I immediately communicate my desire of getting it to hubby.  

Mellisa and Doug ABC Wooden Blocks (1)

Melissa & Doug ABC/123 Wooden Blocks (26 pcs) , a Durable Educational Wooden Toys

Listed below are the educational benefits of having this Melissa & Doug ABC/123 Wooden Blocks (26 pcs):

Besides of the benefits of learning alphabets using this Wooden Blocks, the advancement in learning to count is also aided since numbers are also featured.

  • Plus, familiarity in shapes and images like animals and things are  add-on.
  • It can enhance our daughter’s imagination through building blocks.  Actually, when we showed her how to build a pile of Wooden Blocks, what she did was she removed it.  We kept on encouraging her how to build using the blocks, but she kept on hitting it.  In doing it again and again, she realized that once she hit one of the block, the tendency it would collapse. By constant encouragement and modelling it to her, she learned how to stacked it up, by adding a cube in a pile of blocks and collapsed it as long as she like.
  • Another benefits of this wooden blocks, it can be use for stamping using clay dough because some characters were engraved.  A fabric bag was also provided to keep it together, and organized.
  • In terms of Child Safety,  the blocks was perfectly designed for our daughter’s little hands and big enough for her little mouth to ingest.  I can attest that its free from choking.   Plus the paints and coatings used meet or exceed government recommendations limiting heavy metals, lead and phthalates in children’s items.
  • Originally, this wooden blocks was designed for ages 3+years.  Its for you parents to decide what is good for your kids learning advancement and what will aid for your family fun time and activities. 🙂

Thankfully we received this out of graciousness.  Yes only by God’s grace and favor.  Again, thank you so much Melissa & Doug.

Mellisa and Doug ABC Wooden Blocks (2)