The Master’s Academy Free home school Orientation

Updated today, February 16, 2019

 For the second time, our family, the Haltom Family are going to attend the upcoming Homeschooling event  called Teach Them Diligently at Nashville, Tennessee this coming March 28, 29, and 30.  

This was our last year footage during our volunteering work while welcoming the Homeschooling families who joined the Teach Them Diligently Nashville

  So where does the desire of homeschooling our daughter came from?   Well, last June 21, 2012 I wrote a blog entry called The Master’s Academy (now called the Homeschool Global) free home school orientation, which I simply mentioned my desire of learning about an introduction to home schooling. Joshua, my then fiance (now my husband :)) weren’t married yet and not even have Abigail yet. Joshua that time was pursuing a degree in Political Science & Government and now by God’s grace and because of his commitment plus a lot of hard work, he now have a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Human Services Administration and currently taking Master of Arts in Public Sociology. Yey praise God, I am so proud wife here. 

That time then, we weren’t parents yet but I had this big desire to equipped myself so, I did attend a homeschooling orientation in the Philippines that were actually intended for families that were already doing a homeschooling and parents who were about to start homeschooling.  The good thing, even though I was single, and not even had my own family nor children,  the facilitator and the head of TMA allowed me to joined and learned about homeschooling.   THANK YOU.   

So here is my original post:

  Last May of this year I was about to attend a Home Schooling Seminar at CCF, but I changed my plan since there was a fee for it. My fiance, a home school student himself and pursuing a degree in Political Science & Government advised me not to hurry things and wait for the best opportunity to come for there are myriads of it. 

My desire of learning more about Homeschooling started after I heard a friend and a sister in Christ sharing her stories of being hands-on to her kids both raising
them and educating them at home

I am so amazed whenever I heard a wife talked about how she performed their noble
task at home; being a partner to her spouse, a mother, a teacher, and not to mention
those exhausting household chores and her social accountability. 
I want to gain more knowledge about this type of home learning so when I heard
that The Master’s Academy Homeschool (TMA)  is giving a free home school orientation on June 22, 2012 (Friday), at 8:30 AM -10:30 A.M,  I immediately called them and inquired.  


Truly my waiting is not in vain, for the Lord has a better plan for me and one of it is to get the homeschooling knowledge for free.  I am so excited for this. Yay!
This is a non-paid post:
If you are interested to attend this orientation you may contact Ms. Annie Torres at 633-5174 or visit or e-mail
Location of Orientation: CCF 3RD  level, St. Francis Square Julia Vargas Avenue corner Bank Drive, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City 1500, Philippines
Psalm 37:4 NLT
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.