Beardsmen Spirit Premium Mustache Wax and Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner Reviews

Beardsmen Spirit Premium Mustache Wax and Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner are Reviews with Lady’s Feature products for the month of May.  It was provided to us as a complimentary products by the company Beardsmen Spirit.

Beardsmen Spirit Premium Mustache Wax

Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner

Beardsmen Spirit is committed in producing a premium line of beards oils and beard care products for men. Their products is made of only using finest ingredients that will leave the user feeling and looking best.
Before, I always heard my husband saying, “I need to shave my mustache” or either asking me “Can you trim my beard?” For a long time, I haven’t seen him using any oil or moisturizer to manage his hairy face. So when these Beardsmen Wax and Oil was offered to me, I immediately accepted it.

Another thing that fully convinced me to accept these products was that it is 100% Natural Mustache Wax and 100% Natural Beard Oil. It is formulated with natural oils like Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Pine Needle Oil and Jojoba Oil (mixture of long chain monounsaturated liquid wax esters). He loves the calming effect and earthy smell of it. And it goes with what my husband and I advocate, which is the goodness of nature with the tastes of life!
He said he would likely recommend these products because most of the men don’t really treat their beard special, it just grows wild. Actually, before he used this products I always teased him about his beard. Believe me, even if he trimmed it after a week it grew back and it was sticking out everywhere. But ever since he started using this Beardsmen products (specially the Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner), his face became more beautiful looking, neat, and smelling natural.

• He even said that it made his beards and mustache shiny and I agree with it.
• Another fact is that, the number of times he trimmed his beard and mustache became less-it is more orderly now. How do I know? Our sink speaks of it well–daily left behind trimmings visibly reduced.
• His mustache became softer from being lifeless. Before the application of this product, his mustache was like a blade in my face.

The only thing he wasn’t comfortable of using was the mustache wax. He said it was too thick and hard. He hardly used it. But when he learned directly from the founder that its consistency was just fine and the mustache wax is supposed to be hard he tried to follow on what the founder suggested. On his email he said, “Let your husband know then scrape off a bit with the back of his fingernail and then warm it between the fingers and then apply it. It is hard until you warm it up.”
Also, the cap top of the Mustache Wax container was tightly sealed and was tricky to open. Hint how to open it: just twisted it and you don’t need to struggle.

You can get your Beardsmen Spirit Products at with a sale price of:

For Premium Mustache Wax Sale Price (2 oz)  $10.95 & Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner (4 fl.oz) $16.95