The fall season is officially here, and we are starting it out with a special GIVEAWAY of a  118 pieces VCANNY MAGNETIC TILES.

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🙏👨‍👩‍👧 Once again, Abi and us are thankful to received another collab work with VCANNY Magnetic Building Blocks, and educational tiles. Thank you to May Lin for another priviledge of experiencing this 118 pcs interlocking plastic of different shapes and colors with alphabet & numbers + characters for Brain UP and BRING Fun for the whole family. We love VCANNY for it helps develop Logical Thinking, Imagination, Creativity, and building Patience + it builds parents -child relationship + the whole family with a DIY experience. ➡️Watch out for our upcoming VLOG📽️ for INSTRUCTIONS how to WIN A FULL SET OF VCANNY MAGNETIC TILES. FOR US FAMILY ONLY. 🍂 #giveaway #educationaltoys #teachthemwell #familyfun #famikyActivity #VCANNYMagneticTiles

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These durable, magnetic building blocks brought a lot of happiness to our family.  Aside that we can all play with it together either indoor, it is also designed to be used outdoor.  As we observed, our daughter is growing her building skills through imagination and creativity with these different colorful geometric shapes, plus alphabets and numbers.  It also comes with a guidebook with numerous 2D & 3D forms to follow.

VCANNY MAGNETIC TILES is also a good educational tool to develop the following:



      2. PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP.In parent–child relationships, the way parents respond to their children’s expressions of emotion influences how securely a child is attached to their parent, and can therefore affect a child’s relational experience and their experience of later adult relationships. (Journal of Child & Family Studies, 2017).

      3. LOGICAL THINKING. Children learn classification and other mathematical structures the same way that they learn about the rest of the world- by manipulating actual objects and constructing new knowledge after reflecting on their physical and mental actions. As children develop, they move away from constructing graphic collections and begin to sort objects using consistent criteria.  While most young children are able to differentiate the attributes of objects, they need opportunities to learn how to use this capability. The more experiences that they have, the stronger the base from which they can continue to develop (Childhood Education, 1995) .



Joshua and Abi while using the VCANNY MAGNETIC TILES

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Building 3D forms together with VCANNY MAGNETIC TILES

5. PATIENCE .  Abi loves to build  castles with her blocks and tiles, and she is really good at it.  At early age, she already knew how to manipulates and play Wooden Stacking Board Games with adults, with our friends.  Though whenever she builds 3D forms like Ferris wheel and it suddenly collapsed, she became frustrated and impatient.   Whenever we see her in this attitude, we took it as a way to teach her in the area of stretching her patience,  and ministering to her heart by saying, “ABI BE PATIENT.” She actually understood that being patient helps her to receive things at the proper  time.    We believe that this is one of the most important thing we can do for our child to teach her to be patient.

Proverbs 25:15 (NLT)

15 Patience can persuade a prince,
    and soft speech can break bones.


So the first comment on our Youtube Vlog will receive a  FREE SET of VCANNY MAGNETIC TILES as show in the pictures. TELL US WHY you would like this for your family and we will ship it to you. 🙂 GOD BLESS. There is ONLY ONE WINNER here! USA families only.