The Parking Boy

You can see them in all
places…in the pedestrian walk, sleeping under the foot bridge, in
abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, and parks or on the street itself.
The sad thing about them, people are getting immune with their presence
and they keep on ignoring them.

I just wonder why the
populations of street children are escalating…are the local governments
of different cities are aware about it?  For sure they are well
informed about their existence…but don’t they have any programs for
them? I hope so…
When I was looking at them, I just asked
myself what type of parents (not being judgmental but it was me
wondering) they have that they are allowing their kids to stay outside,
to work until late?  To sleep in a dark and grimy streets and the fact
that they don’t have any blanket that will cover and protect their
fragile bodies against the different elements outside the streets that
may possibly deteriorate their health not counting those
evil-spirit-tormented people that might take advantage of their

Let me share this story, last April 21-24,
2009, I joined a summer youth camp organized by the Sumulong Baptist
Church or SBC Main Church and its affiliated Churches.  The theme of the
camp for this year was “Call of Duty” World at War.  It was conducted
at Mt. Peniel Campsite situated in Brgy. O’ Donell, Capaz, Tarlac.

group left in the morning of Tuesday, April 21 and since it’s a four
days event, I had to complete first all my pending and obligations at
work before I run out of the office.  My plan was to go after them at
night just by myself, but God is so good that he didn’t want me to
travel alone, instead he wanted me to enjoy the hours of staying in the
bus with a sister in Christ named Dina who happened to miss the bus
scheduled departure to finished some commitment.  We traveled together. 

arrived in Capaz, Tarlac at around 11:00 P.M and while waiting for
Pastor Jeff and Rick (one of the youth leaders) to bring us to the site;
we decided to look for a place to stay and thank God that across the
street we saw a 24-hours open Chinese fast-food restaurant.  When we
were about to go into the establishment, suddenly a sluggish and dirty
looking young boy blocked the way that we were leading and extending his
skinny right arm towards us asking for something…money, I guess.

felt a sudden rushed of curiosity towards this boy that made me invite
him to join us inside the restaurant and eat with us.  While eating
together, I simply glance at him and made an observation.  I am afraid
that if he will notice what I am doing, he might be distracted and will
become uncomfortable while eating his food.
The boy looked so
tired and restless.  He was wearing an old-faded-clothes; his
unruly-hair made him looked like he was been there for long hours.

actually asked his name, but I will admit that I can’t remember it now
(I don’t have talent in memorizing names at the first time of meeting). 
While eating, I asked him about his personal stuff and I learned that
he was 10 years old but I should say that most likely he looked like an
eight-year-old boy, maybe because of the small build of his body.

learned that he was a parking-boy and during summer he spent most of
his time at the parking area of the restaurant, doing his part-time job
which was guiding customers of the restaurant in parking their cars and
in exchange to that, was a few coins.  At the end of the night, he gives
his earnings to his parents.

He told me that their house
was located across the street, and he was living together with his
siblings and parents who were both jobless.  I also asked him if he
smoke and he said “Hindi po Ma’am, pero si kuya po nakikita ko palagi”
(No Ma’am, but I always saw my older brother smoking).  I told him not
to even try it and he said YES, I WILL NOT.  He even told me that his
brother always bullied him and I asked him why… he looked at me and said
“I don’t know why, he just always punches me over my head.”  It’s
totally depressing I guess… but I was amazed when I learned that despite
his situation, he still managed to go to school and was an incoming
grade four student… wow its awesome.

I sensed that this
young boy in front of me has a good character, if you ask me why, I
should say that it’s all because he knows how to deal with adult people
like us… (”lol”) seriously, what I mean is there was a humility in the
way he talked to me and he even know how to used the “Po and Opo” as a
signed of giving respect.

In the middle of our
conversation, I asked him if he know who is Jesus Christ and he said a
big “Yes”…and I asked him again if he know how to pray and he nod his
head.  An imaginary light turn-on over my head as a sign of hope…the boy
was already on his hand.

I told to this boy not to forget
to pray to God always, because he will surely lead his life to
greatness.  One thing that I am sure, he will possibly grow to be a
great man of his generation.  That he will stand-out someday, not
because of his own skills alone but because of God’s Will as he remained
obedient to him.  With God all things are possible…

don’t affect your chances for success nearly as much you’re level of
effort!” (God’s little Devotional book for Graduates)

Joshua 1:9
I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid,
nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Put your patience to use in the
pursuit of your dreams.” (God’s little Devotional book for Graduates)

Hebrews 10:36

“For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.”