Earth 3D: Interactions and Intellectual Advancement

Joshua discovered this amazing application as suggested by windows 10 store.   Its called Earth 3D.  Its been installed in his laptop a couple of months, and explored it a little bit when he was thinking about our plane trip to Malaysia to avail the Balikbayan Program.


Earth3D was developed as part of a diploma thesis of Dominique Andre Gunia at Braunschweig University of Technology to display a virtual globe of the earth. It was developed before Google bought Keyhole, Inc and changed their product into Google Earth. Earth3D downloads its data (satellite imagery and height data) from a server while the user navigates around. The data itself is saved in a Quadtree. It uses data from NASA, USGS, the CIA and the city of Osnabrück.  Source:  Wikipedia

Paraphrasing Gunia’s statement from,

“during the program’s first release the features it offers were: viewing the earth as a whole, zooming it until countries, cities and even single houses becomes visible (which at that time was limited only to the city of Osnabrück, Germany for the limited maps he had on his hands, and the other feature was embedding external data like current earthquake positions or cloud data.”

Quite genius right?

Right now, the application is free to download from windows store, android play store, and google play only with limited educational features such as:

  • You can zoom 3D earth on your phone.
  • The auto-rotate feature and the user can rotate the 3D earth.
  • 3D earth and Google Maps can be viewed in conjunction.
  • You can see the borders of the country on the 3D earth.
  • If you touch the flag of searched nation, you will see many information of the nation.
  • You can set the live wallpaper of earth.

Joshua already introduced this to Abigail months ago, and yesterday.  Since we are currently journeying on her book called 1000 Things You Should know About Wild Animals,  last night we decided to let Abigail used the Earth 3D of course with our supervision.

1000 Things You Should Know About Wild Animals

In this newest version of Earth 3D that we are using the Animal World (add-on) is included. Joshua only paid a minimal amount of $1.99, and we can access and zoom-in the various types of animals in 3D form like Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Huge and Monstrous Sea Creatures.

Just like us, Abigail was fascinated seeing those 3D images of animals in its 15x zoom.   We let her hover across the globe, while her Daddy was reading the description of each animal she was pointing on the surface.   As Abi summarized what she learned, we asked her to choose three animals that she likes best.   She enumerated elephants, turtles and bears.

Animal World -Earth 3D-Haltom .jpg

Photo Credit: Earth 3D, African Elephant 3D and its description

Animal World 2-Earth 3D-Haltom .jpg

Photo Credit: Earth 3D, African Elephant -more photos

This will be a very educational tool to use for Abigail’s  home learning .  It teaches (so far)  geography, zoology, social studies, and astronomy. Like the relief model of the earth, World Political and Physical Maps, Day/Night Cycle with the City Lights, Real-Life Night Time Sky, Time Zones, More than 2,100 geographic objects, More than 500 wonders of the World, More than 2,000 photos, and the add-on: Animal World, and Sky Map (which we don’t have yet)

Earth 3d World political and physical maps

Photo Credit: Earth 3D, World Political and Physical Maps

Earth 3d Full description of any object or point on the surface

Photo Credit: Earth 3D, More than 500 Wonders of the World

Earth 3d Sky Map

Photo Credit: Earth 3D, Sky Map (Add-on)

The continuous development and upgrades in our technology, can help us to set our child to an accelerated learning path at an early age.  And together with her, we are learning too.  In times like this, Interactions and Intellectual Advancements (IIA) are applicable. Learning at home, like this is a thing we didn’t even have access until we were adults ourselves.

Imagine when every home is equip with this kind of learning capacity, learning together with our kids, experiencing together those “AHA!” moments, and us ourselves guiding them to know which path they might want to choose themselves.  Our daughter, at this age, is emboldened by knowing that her voice is being heard in her development, letting her to start to make decisions.



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