A local field trip: Kid’s Planting Day at Stockdale’s

To start -out this spring season, when all the plants are starting to bloom Stockadale’s, an america’s rural outfitter celebrated their yearly Kid’s Planting Day happening at all their different locations.

As for us, this was a good local opportunity to travel right down to the nearby local Stockdale’s branch in Selmer, Tennessee.

This yearly event provides kids some simple community learning with planting of Marigold flowers.

as expected, crayons and art work are one of those activity that Abigail enjoyed. Oh by the way, they also provided cookies and refreshments!
…and coffee too!!!
an event like this is focus on the family. Abigail got the chance to bring home her rainbow butterfly art work.
this pink watering can kit is now available at Stockdale’s and Abi like that color!
…oh who can’t resist these chocolate chip cookies?
I think my husband here is looking at the balloons
Abigail had her first face fish paint ever. THANK YOU Ms. Lilee!
a free marigold seeds, pot and soil + a balloon!
Abigail with the kind, helpful staff Ms. Lilee & Ms. Ashley
…they also allowed us to get inside the baby chicks pen
Ms. Ashlee giving us a tour to meet the little chicks
…and encouraged Abi to pet it.
…oh how I remembered when I was younger I chased chicks myself. Thank you Ms. Ashlee for the tour.
by the way, these chicks are also for sale at Stockdale’s Selmer
…and home decorations
…cowboy /cow girl hats!
as well as boots and shoes
…and lawn care tools
and these chimes in different sizes they are perfect!
…when I was in college, our minds were challenged to design a seeder machine like this one
they also have raw local honey from Moscow, Tennessee
(now I know Moscow is also in Tennessee?) 🙂
…more home decors
lovely home decorations
men and women apparels are also available in Stockadale’s. Gorgeous!
…of course, on the house coffee
and dangling -stylish earrings for me!
Stockdale’s Selmer
Thank you so much Stockdale’s Selmer, TN.

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