One Less Reason — Human Resource Management (a) TRIBUTE

 One Less Reason — Week 5 Human Resource Management TRIBUTE

by Joshua Haltom – Friday, October 7, 2016, 12:29 PM

Drawing on all of this week’s study activities, answer the following questions: 

I will attempt to write in a straight line so I might remain focused.

1.  What are the major types of, influences on, and issues related to compensation? Be sure to include your own experiences and observations of how organizations strategize their compensation systems and your own preferences in terms of total rewards for your time and talent.

Compensation is semi-complicated when monies are being forced between customers, consumers, employees and employers.   It’s made out to seem from the idea of scarcity that we need to exchange a scarcity of this for an abundance of that.  We trade our time, talents, and treasures for the same of others.  We feed of one another.  Life feeds on life.  Medically and in biopsychosocial forms, that is how cancerous cells are multiplied.  “Although pay is the major reward component in nearly all organizations (Scott et al., 2005), few firms spend much time and effort communicating to their employees about how pay is determined and allocated” (Day, 2011).
In my own experiences, I have found that the organization needs to communicate its intention to each and every employee so that [they] may be better able to adapt and help one another.  When the business is for-profit, then the services are bound to be wound up in confusion and rust may then gather.  This could be observed in any rock and roll band, look at Hootie and the Blowfish for example.  The history and presence can be found on any search engine.
Ehow asks us (August 8, 2008) in this weeks (week 5) video from the Phillips & Gully (2014) textbook, “Is there a point when do ones’ wages become so high that it may be considered obscene?  What do you think?”

My answer is that it would all depend upon how the wages are used by the receiver.  It really is that simple.  The hoarding of resources cannot be justified in any authentic representation of reality.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.”
(Holy Bible, Romans 6:23-a)

2.  How are incentive plans developed and managed? What experiences have you encountered with incentive plans and their impact on individual, team, and organizational performance and quality?

Incentive plans are what motivates us to work.  The chapter 10 videos for this week at AUC in this Human Resource Management course with professor Leah Nelson text opens with the distinction between extrinsic motivators like schedules and deadlines to salary and rewards versus intrinsic motivators like autonomy, mastery, and purpose (September 15, 2009).
I want to stick with the theme of rock and roll bands here, because it seems as much as is on my mind right now.  When I was a ghost at the American Legion, I got to know a few talented artists.
There is a recurring theme with performers that come out of Jackson, TN we may all can relate to, something like Johnny Cash, a pseudonym.  Just one example is the band most know as One Less Reason, who was originally called Lapdog.  When they signed with Universal Records, many had thought that they had “sold-out” for lack of a better term.  It turns out—as far as I know—that their fans were right.  They had to return to individual recording styles and booking their own shows.  I do not know exactly where they are now, but I can say this much:  their songs have motivated me just this evening to return to the keyboard and write this discussion post.  The quality of their performances, in comparison with Hootie and the Blowfish, we can see (in terms of quality), it iis just a matter of opinion.  But OLR  has seemingly endured for much longer that Hootie has thus far with not even half of the monetary revenue.  Endurance may be a matter of opinion in these means.  The quality of One Less Reason songs continues to improve–in contrast to Hootie and the Blowfish–whose second album Fair-weather Johnson (1996), many of their hardcore fans have never even ever heard.  I did read some ET news just now though that they are getting back together for Dave Letterman’s farewell.

Zohar, Vayelech 2:5-14

Moses is the rule of the sun, Joshua of the moon

“If Your presence go not with me, carry us not up from here. For in what shall it be known…” (Exodus 33:15-16)….”….but sometimes ruin comes for want of judgment” (Proverbs 13:23).

Day, N. E. (2011). Perceived pay communication, justice and pay satisfactionEmployee Relations, 33(5), 476-497. doi: 10.1108/014251111153862

Phillips, J.M. & Gully, S.M. (2014). Human resource management. Mason, OH: South-Western.

Chapter 9 Video (2:32):

eHow. (Aug 28, 2008). Small business tips: Small business employee compensation [Video file].

Chapter 10 Video (4:47):

mondaydots. (Sep 15, 2009). Behavioral economics of intrinsic motivation [Video file].



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