Ay Naku! By Tahanan Books

This book, Ay Naku! together with Kumilos Tayo Kuya! and Kumilos Tayo Ate!  were generously shared to us for book reviews by Ms. Reni Roxas, author and publisher at Tahanan Books.   We personally chose it to introduced the Tagalog language basics to our 2 years old daughter.

Ay Naku talks about a realistic day story of a young boy named Botbot whose clumsiness frustrate the whole family and made them expressed the phrase Ay Naku!  Ay Naku is a common Filipino expression used to convey disappointment, exasperation, or surprised dismay. -Reni Roxas. 

Journeying on this book with our daughter, made her more exposed not just to the 65 simple Filipino verbs and everyday dialogue that is benefiting for her brain plasticity, and bilingual development but also to Filipino close familial culture.Ay Naku!

The one-to-two word per page is very suitable for story telling to toddlers, and a good choice in dealing daily parenting issues with our child feelings and us, parents emotions.

I can relate in Botbot’s unintentional clumsiness.  This is classic, I remembered when I was a kid, I accidentally broke the figurine filled with water placed at the top of our television.  I truly can’t forget this incident, it damaged our television picture tube that made my brother insanely MAD! Haha 🙂

Also, Mr. Sergio Bumatay did a good job in presenting the story in an artistic-clear illustration in every pages.  The only thing I observed with our toddler, each time we reached the folded page in the middle where Botbot was hiding beside the arm chair, our daughter freak-out and tried to skipped the page.  All in all, we enjoyed it!  🙂

Ay Naku! is available both internationally and locally.  You can get your paper back copy at Amazon or visit their online store at http://www.tahananbooks.com.

Once again, thank you for visiting us online neighbors.  Hope this helps you in selecting books for your kids.  Let us know your thought, please comment below. Hanggang sa muli!


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