Kumilos Tayo Kuya Kuya! By Tahanan Books

Abigail, our daughter is  enjoying her ‪Kumilos Tayo Kuya‬ her first Tagalog book wrote by  award winning-writer Ompong Remigio and Illustrated by Bunny Vivero.

This children book was published by Tahanan Books in collaboration with Save the Children Philippines. It was one of their first board books that was released year 2014.

kumilos tayo kuya


Ompong Remigio’s real life name is Maria Corazon Paulina.  She has been elevated to the Hall of Fames Philippines Creative Guild, won book awards after including the National Book Award for Children’s  Lit plus  MTV awards and others for songwriting.  She also survived a serious bout with Rheumatic Heart, Borderline Cancer and saw the light for 3 minutes.  She came back to do more ads and to raise more kids. (Source: New York Festivals World’s Beat Advertising)

At Abigail’s age of 22 months, reading books with her plays a vital role in her mastering her fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills for growing child are the abilities required to control smaller movements of the hands and fingers, such as picking up small objects and tying one’s shoes and even turning pages of books.
This book entitled “Kumilos Tayo Kuya!” aids us parents to nourish and educate our Filipino-American children to be exposed in basic Tagalog words and made them aware on learning to read by means of pag “pantig” or its equal use “the syllable” in English.
Though this is the first Tagalog Books we read with Abigail, its not foreign to her at all the culture and Filipino practice told in this book. Ompong Remigio did a brilliant work in including “Nagmano” or “Blessed” in English equivalent in which made our daughter more engaged in looking in each pages because she found a common ground. She actually smiled and turned to me each time she passed to the “Nagmano” page.
Author Remigio and illustrator Vivero never failed to use both Expressive and Referential style in this book to meet the Individual Variation in Language Development of children.  According to Steinberg, the Author of the book Life Span Development: Infancy through Adulthood:

*Expressive is a linguistic style hallmarked by nearly vocabularies that have relatively more verbs and speech that uses social routines to communicate feelings and desires such as tumakbo (run), Sumipsip (suck), and Lumukso (leap).  While, *Referential is a linguistic style hallmarked by vocabularies that include a high proportion of nouns and speech that provides information and refers to things in the environment such as illustrations of Pusa (Cat), Manok (Chicken), Bata (Child), Kuya (Brother) and more. “As a mother, I highly recommend this Genius, Full-Colored Board-Books, and Relational Creation of Remigio and Vivero entitled Kumilos Tayo Kuya. Aside that it is educational, and cultural, it promotes siblings Relational Cooperation to achieve Language Development for Children ages 0-4 years old.

Their other must read children’s book are “Kumilos Tayo Ate” by Ompong Remigio and “Ay Naku!”by Author Reni Roxas.  Book Reviews to be published soon. 🙂


We would like to extend our gratitude to Author Reni, Ms. Fran and Ms. Meg of Tahanan Books.

To get your child a copy of this book, please visit them at www.tahananbooks.com or call them at (632) 813-7165 (Manila Line) or (425) 773-7465 (Seattle)


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