Wooden Educational Toys from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, PH

Our daughter Abigail got up one morning, looking for something and uttered, “This,” pointing her finger to the object she wanted to have.  Joshua, her daddy said, “What is it Abi?”  And Abi continued to say, “This” with a facial expression trying to communicate herself and was about to cry!
I knew exactly what she was yearning for.  The android touch screen phone that she had mastered using.
Our little Abi was determined to get what she wanted, and said “Elmo, Elmo!!!” referring to a puppet character that she love to watch in youtube and sung with A,B,C song.

Joshua and I looked at each other and be reminded about what Dr. Samson (her pediatrician) said,

“It’s not advisable for a child to be always on the phone.  Study showed children being too much into Phones, iPods and Computers can cause delayed speech and hinder communication skills.”

 I immediately comforted Abi, and said to her, “don’t cry for a thing Abi.”  Its okay! Your Tahanang Walang Hagdanang Educational toys will be delivered today.  Sounding excited!!!

Our little one was consolled and finally, that afternoon her toys were delivered right infront our doorstep by Air21.

Cobbler Bench Wooden Educational Toys (1)

Abigail Playing with her Cobbler Bench from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan

The Cobbler Bench is an advisable, wooden-educational and non-toxic toy for toddlers like Abi. The Cobbler Bench aids the child in developing their visual-motor integration. It also helps a child to build early shape, colors, and size differentiation skills.  It has 6-brightly colored, tapered-cylindrical wooden peg of different sizes and colors (smooth and sanded) that  comes with a wooden hammer.

Cobbler Bench Wooden Educational Toys (2)

with 6-brightly colored, tapered-cylindrical wooden peg of different sizes


Wooden Numerical Puzzle (1)

Numerical Wooden Puzzle

 Included in my purchased was the “Numerical Puzzle,” a self-corrected wooden puzzle that teaches numerical order and number recognitions.  It comes with 1-10 smoothly shaped, sanded and brightly colored numerical puzzle.  It helps Abi practice counting and match skills while she places and removes each wooden number to its place. 

Wooden Numerical Puzzle (2)

with 1-10 smoothly shaped, sanded and brightly colored numerical puzzle

Aside of that, it helps in educating our little one while she enjoys and pre-occupied helping us do our daily tasks. Purchasing the wooden toys from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan helps our skilled and talented Filipino brothers and sisters employed by them, who all happen to be handicapped.

The Cobbler Bench and Numerical Puzzle Wooden Educational Toys can be purchased online from Shopinas.com, as fulfilled by Tahanang Walang Hagdanan.  Its less pricey compared to Lazada.

Share your own experience, by commenting below 🙂  God bless you!


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