Green Coffee Bean Extract by Schwartz Bioresearch

My husband and I used the Green Coffee Bean Extract  (GCBE) for almost two (2) weeks with the purpose of cleansing our body and to boost our digestion.  We received a bottle of this product which was good for a month supply and contained 60 Veggie Capsules of this product  from SchwartzBioresearch as a complimentary item in exchange of unbiased testimonials from “Reviews with Lady”.  

Schwartz Bioresearch is a leading brand in 100% natural, pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements.  Right now, GCBE is offered at Amazon with a Sale price of $21.95 per bottle. 

Before our testimony, I would like to dissect all the health benefit GCBE offered.  First let me tell you the history of GCBE.  GCBE was extracted from Green Coffee Bean.

Green Coffee Beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The roasting process of coffee beans reduces amounts of the chemical Chlorogenic Acid. Therefore, green coffee beans have a higher level of Chlorogenic Acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee is thought to have health benefits for heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, and others.  (Cited:

Health Diaries wrote, “Green coffee bean extract is taken from coffee beans that have not been roasted. The primary active compound of the extract is Chlorogenic acid. Roasting coffee beans greatly reduces the amount of Chlorogenic acid obtained from the coffee.”

Clearly, this extract came from a not have been roasted household-common source of morning drink which is the Green Coffee Bean.  Now what is this Chlorogenic Acid that have demonstrated many health benefits in scientific studies and has been said higher in percentage in Green Coffee Bean compared to a roasted coffee bean.



Chlorogenic Acid Define

According to, “Chlorogenic Acid is a natural compound found in a wide array of plants. This polyphenol is an important intermediary compound in plant metabolism, and also has a broad range of antimicrobial properties. It is a phytochemical and antioxidant found in high concentrations in coffee, and it has been shown to be a tumor inhibitor. This chemical has also been found to inhibit the release of glucose into the blood and appears to help people lose weight.” 

Wow!  That is a jam-pack list of health benefits.   Aside that it offers an antimicrobial properties, it is also a phytochemical and an antioxidant.  Meaning it offers protection to someone’s body cells from the damaging effects of oxidation once ingested.  Can you believe that?



So how does GCBE aids in weight loss?

“Besides being a powerful antioxidant, recent studies have shown that chlorogenic acid helps to boost metabolism and increase the amount of weight loss in overweight individuals. The way that it works is Chlorogenic Acid suppresses an enzyme in the liver which slows down the release of glucose into the blood stream. Glucose is a substance that is normally converted into usable energy to keep the body functioning. When the body lacks a sufficient amount of glucose in the bloodstream, it begins to convert stored adipose fat into usable energy rather than glucose. The process of converting stored fat to energy naturally increases the body’s metabolism, thereby speeding up the fat burning process and increasing the amount of weight that can be lost.”  (Source:

According to a study published in March 2006 in “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” daily supplementation of an extract prepared from green coffee beans reduced body fat and body weight in mice, as well as fat composition in the liver. The effect was similar in mice supplemented with isolated chlorogenic acids and caffeine, which suggests that these are the compounds responsible for the effect. Chlorogenic acids found in green coffee can be digested and absorbed by humans, which implies a similar availability as the extract.  (Cited:

In response to the growing evidence of the value of chlorogenic acid, green coffee bean extracts, standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid, have been produced and sold has health products.  (

Going Back to Our Story


My husband and I decided trying this Green Coffee Bean Extract and added it to our daily diet since, we are a brewed coffee lover and two we promote the goodness of nature with the tastes of life in our own family-small business called Herblend Teas Holistic Health & Wellness.  During the time we were ingesting this capsule, the first thing we noticed after several hours of taking it…the number of times we locked ourselves (of course individually) in the comfort room increased almost 3 times a day.   And one thing I can tell you all, right after the nature call I felt so relieved and my tummy was lighter than before and far from feeling “bloated” which for me was good.  

Photo Credit: Schwartz Bioresearch

Though, one thing I need to reiterate here please follow the suggested use which is take only 1 (one) veggie capsule twice a day.  Though I only took 1 (one) veggie capsule a day.   And, I had plenty of waters.  You don’t want to be dehydrated while using this product.  Another thing for best results take it 30 minutes before meal.  Mine, I was not good in timing so I had it sometimes 15 minutes before meal or after meal.  


Additional fact, I am breast feeding until now (we have an 11 months old beautiful-sweet baby girl).  So I recommend this to mom’s who wanted to boost their metabolism, but as I always said it depends upon your conviction.  I stopped taking this product when we noticed that our daughter’s dirty diaper changed increased.  


Reviews with Lady” would like to give special thanks to the following:
Tomoson which connected us to Schwartz Bioresearch.  

Disclaimer: As applies to every review, all reports will be unbiased. We do not accept bribes and will give an honest, thorough overview of what consumers can expect from your company. All articles and reviews published by Reviews with Lady was not written to attack anyone specifically people involved in the business but to offer a perspective and opinion to edify, give awareness and a suggestion for the improvement of the products and existing services. Reviews with Lady deserves the right to modify and make alterations to the published reviews as supported by factual and Reviews with Lady’s team experiences.  




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