BakeitFun: BanApple Oatmeal Cookies

Cooking is one of mine and my husband’s favorite thing to do together.  We love trying new recipes and using a variety of ingredients.   Today, aside of cooking once again we tried to baked together (of course together with our daughter). 

Our recipe is BanApple Oatmeal cookies with Chocolate Chips.  Yum!   We got the recipe from the Internet but we made some addition and deduction in the ingredients.  The baking procedure was also easy to follow, in fact we did some alterations.  Our baking tasks became more easier with the help of our Blue Silicone Baking Mat provided by BakeitFun as a complimentary item in exchange of unbiased review from us, Reviews with Lady.


BakeitFun Non-Stick Silicone Mat

BakeitFun offers the highest quality kitchen products crafted with the best materials.   Their new innovation in baking offers a big saving for all Dad’s, Moms and Chef’s wannabe to whom baking is first love.   This Blue Silicone Baking Mat is now available online and you can easily find it at Amazon, with a Sale price of  $ 12.97 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.


According to their statistics, using Blue Silicone Baking Mat will help you:

  • Save your Money & Time: reuse up to 2,000 times (10 years)! Spare 63 cooking spray cans and 3,879 sheets of parchment paper with this premium baking mat.
  • Help the Environment: from using tons of wax or parchment paper and save up to $800 at the same time!
  • Blue Silicone Mat: was specially designed for baking and can even used for Cooking.
  • Easy to clean-up: just wipe with hot soapy water after use, let air dry; Store flat or rolled.
  • Durable & Resistant: BakeitFun silicone baking mat resist temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 450°F (230°C), so you can take the mat out of the freezer, straight to the microwave or oven; Its reinforced FIBREGLASS MESH covered by PREMIUM FOOD GRADE SILICONE provides outstanding heat distribution, giving you better results every time.
  • Perfect for Cooking & Baking:   specially designed silicone baking mat HAS 2 UNIQUE FEATURES that you’ll love! The RULES AND CIRCLES gives you more confidence while rolling out dough, making cookies, macaroons, cheese crisps and many other kinds of cooking and baking uses; Sticky foods are no longer a concern as they slide right off.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Protect your children by having the most safe baking mat available on the market – It’s German Food Grade approved, BPA free and FDA safe; BRING YOUR KIDS into the kitchen with joy.


Tips Before First Use
Wash in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly, apply a thin layer of Coconut Oil or any pantry Cooking Oil to preserve for the first use (this procedure will not be needed in next uses, unless dishwasher has been used).

Applying Coconut Oil (Pre-baking)

One of the feature of Blue Silicone Baking Mat is Sticky foods are no longer a concern as they slide right off.
Just like what we experienced, our cookie batter didn’t hold well resulting to being messy.  Good thing, we easily scraped it off from our new Blue Silicone Baking Mat and added some flour into the mixture. 

Messy cookie batter slides off easily

My husband sprinkling the Chocolate Chips

Ready for Baking

The finished products!  We easily scraped our cookies off from the Blue Silicone Baking Mat

If you want to get the recipe for BanApple Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips, please contact us here.

“Reviews with Lady” would like to give special thanks to the following:
Tomoson which connected us to BakeitFun

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