Magnetic Screen Door Mega Mesh

When the first week of January kicked in, we noticed some tiny-red-spotted-black crawlers were saying hello in our windows.   At first, they were just outside but these tiny insects were not satisfied they made their way inside our place.  How?  That was the big question. Possibly whenever we used the front door because we never open our vertically sliding glass windows.  We don’t want to let the the cold air come in to keep the place warm.

The first time I saw these crawlers in the corner of our kitchen ceiling, I thought they were spiders.  I was a bit alarmed thinking of my family’s welfare and mostly of our 10-months old baby.  I immediately called Joshua (my husband) who came into the rescue after telling him that there were something crawling in the kitchen ceiling.   But after few seconds, he confirmed that it was just a “Ladybugs” and he assured me that these type of insects  were harmless.

He explained that the climate was the main reason why there were many visiting Ladybugs in our place to the point of
enjoying their stay.  For these tiny creature, our place was like an Inn for them to stay and be comfortable.  Since we thought they were totally harmless, we just allowed them to occupied a portion of our ceiling.

But after few days  instead of them staying in the
ceiling, they were d crawling down to our floor which was not safe  since
our daughter was in her “Dora the Explorer” phase, grabbing and
eating anything her hands can pick-up.

It was one afternoon, that our little one and I were in the kitchen when I noticed that she was silent and being busy over something and was about to put something into her mouth (which was the Ladybug she found in the floor) thank God for “motherly intuition” that before she devour that poor-unsatisfied little insect, I immediately grabbed it out from her tiny fingers.

It was a blessing that even before we asked, God already knows what we need.  One night, when I was doing my online task I noticed that one of the company was looking for a blogger that was able to do a blog review for Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door.  

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Product Description
These Bug Screens are made to a high quality and are built to last.
Unrivaled Quality
✓ Strong magnets sewn in, to provide seamless automatic closure
✓ High quality micro mesh keeps the smallest bugs out
✓ Easy install bug screens have been developed to stay up and withstand heavy traffic
For the price, and how to order please visit Magnetic Screen Door Mega Mesh at Amazon Prime.

When I learned that the door dimension ( 82” x 34”-measuring inside the frame) was fitted to Abigail’s door frame, I immediately applied and told about it to my husband.  Not so many days had past, I received an email stating that my application to review this Magnetic Screen door was approved.  After processing the order details, the package was arrived in two days.  There is no other like our God, we don’t need to buy anything.  It was provided to us for free.  He is our Shepherd.

 He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. Psalm 23:2 (NASB)


Father & Daughter, before the installation


After several days of waiting for the right timing, my
husband and I installed the Magnetic Screen Door to our daughter’s
doorway (during her afternoon nap time).  We decided that instead of her crawling everywhere, we used the comfort of her room and let her play there.

Joshua, reading the manual
Applying the vectro strips (included in the package)



Peeling off of the white backing tape from the vecro
Easy Installation and bug free baby’s room

We used the push-pins (which was also included in the package) for a more permanent fixing.  If you have pet at home, n worries because this is pet friendly access and low-cost way to economically cool your home.

With the Magnetic Screen Door
installed and fully covered the entire door frame, we are assured that
her room is free from Ladybugs and her free from eating Ladybugs

The protection for our daughter from invading insects are just right there, perfectly installed.   One of the benefit I love about this  screen door is- it’s Magnetic hands-free entry and making it tightly closed again once we pass through it.

Another thing aesthetically, it added style to our little one
entrance door.  I strongly recommend this to a smart shopper whose
households are “bugs infested and favorite place to hang-out”. Try this.

P.S. Make sure that you follow the installation guidelines and use the thumb tucks (on the middle part to prevent it from collapsing.

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