Naturalico Organic Vitamin C Serum, “Feel More Elasticity in Face After Each Use”

Since we would like others to experience the refreshing benefits of the
Hyaluronical Acid Serum (which my husband and I experienced) we asked
my Mother-in-law, who is in her mid 50’s to use the Naturalico 20% Vitamin C+E+Hyaluronic Acid by Bella Naturals.  We are thankful that Joshua (my husband) convinced her.  

Embedded below is the picture of the product in its box, still unopened.  

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The bottle came with a droplet dispenser for a convenient and calibrated use.  It also  contains 1 fl. oz or 30 ml of Professional Anti-Aging Serum. 

Photo Credit:  Bella Naturals

The serum’s Amazon retail price is $18.88.  

In addition the product is made in the USA with a trademark Naturalico and in their website, they mentioned that, 

“At Bella Naturals, we can’t exactly help you unwind, but we can make
your beauty, health and skin care products that much easier to enjoy –
and we do this with passion.  Say hello to an easier life!  It’s about
women and about beauty, and about time.”

In the reviews I wrote about Clarigenics Hyaluronic Acid Serum Product Reviews I discussed and cited some articles what Hyaluronic Acid Serum (HA) is about and its beautification functions.  According to research I mentioned that,   

“HA in the form of serum once applied in the facial skin (constantly and as directed) will moisturize the
skin surfaces and as a result will have a smoother skin surfaces, and youthful
glow eliminating skin dryness.” 

Our model, which was my mother in law doesn’t have much beauty regimen.  Trying this type of product was new to her.  Instead of following the application usage of twice a day, she only used it once a day.  She mentioned that she used it along with a facial moisturizer of different kind.  Before she used the product, we made sure that we took a picture of her for the before and after photo.  After weeks of her using it, we took another picture of her face. 

Since she is not use of exposure, not of her entire face is shown below.  

Be the Judge

We also let her answer the Facial Serum Proving Questions: What is your main concern why you tried this product?  What do you expect to achieve in using the product? And lastly,  Will you recommend it to other and if so who?

In her respond to these questions, she said that,  

requires more time of using it (I think) to transformed my facial skin
into a younger looking one (less deep lines and wrinkles) but I feel
more elasticity in face after each use.  I will recommend it to women of
my age.”

In a nutshell,  for all of our smart consumer, 

“If you are looking for a natural facial serum that will provide elasticity to your face after each use (as my mother in law attested), try Naturalico by Bella Naturals.

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 Tomoson which connected us to Bella Naturals
Amazon Prime which provided us a free-fast two days delivery.   

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