Dollar Tree, “Store and Product Review”

It’s always good to be involved into something that I always love doing mostly with my husband’s (Joshua) help and support.   It made me more fulfilled in terms of achieving goals (whether it is small or big scale) once it comes into fruition.

These past days, I been asking Joshua to accompany me to once again re-visit and shop at the, “Dollar Tree.” Of course, he said yes and we both agreed to scheduled it one day of this month which happened today.  

I was extra excited.  In my mind I knew exactly what kind of stuff we need to get for our home and the things we need for a friend’s baby shower.  We involved ourselves in organizing a baby shower and we are handling the decorations and program.  

Three reasons why our family love going back to Dollar Tree:

1.  Affordability of the price (which was our main reason).   All of the products literally priced after its store’s name.  Can you imagine that?  Once you visit their website, their business tag name, boldly stated, “Dollar Tree everything’s $1 (dollar).”  
2.  Product creativity (for party supplies).   If you are a kind that is willing to spend a dollar in buying party needs than following a step-by-step directions on how-to-do a craft online,  then pay a visit to their nearest store.  They mostly have all the decorations supplies for any kind of your party needs like baby shower, birthday, balloons & accessories, party favors and games, decorations, catering supplies & tableware and etc. 

Invitation card for a friend’s baby shower.  (Price: $1 each)

3. Accessibility and neatness of the store itself. 
I love the interior design of the store.  Its green (relaxing to the
eyes).  Also the products that are being sold inside accentuate and
decorate the whole store floor area.  

Party & Toys Section

4.  One-stop home basic needs shop.  Aside of fulfilling your party needs,  they also sell household products for kitchen and dining,  bed & bath, home decors, home electronics down to pet food.  

Plastic Cutlery for our home (Price: $1)
Epsom Salt (Price: $1)

Light bulb & Electrical Tape

The only product that I will say I ended up not being satisfied using was the electrical tape.   We used it to repair and covered the ripped sofa cover.  At first it adhered but after a few minutes, it started tearing off.  Using an electrical tape was my own idea, thinking it might work.  I will not suggest using an electrical tape in repairing a vinyl sofa covering.  In the first place, electrical tape is used by electricians and home repair expert to insulate wires and complete electrical pairs cited from  So Mom’s, its really a BIG No, No!

Electrical tape is used by electricians and home repair experts to insulate wires and complete electrical pairs.

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Electrical tape is used by electricians and home repair experts to insulate wires and complete electrical pairs.

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