Banana heart by the road

My husband and I enjoy our morning walks daily around the Johnson’s Circle, or if the weather is too chilly in the morning, we prefer an afternoon walk.  Our main goal is not just to exercise to be physically healthy, but at the same time savoring our moments with each other which is part of our relationship building.  It is like our engine starter.  This is also one of my favorite times with Joshua, for I can open my heart to him and him to me, reflect back to what had happened with the both of us during the past days, telling him about my dreams the previous night and appreciating each other.  We can also call it our peace walk.  We release the baggage whenever the morning starts with a bad moods or unhealthy emotions.  

Yesterday, when we were about to walked up the curved in the hill heading the yield sign, we saw a Banana Tree Trunk laying down near the road.  The way it was cut, I guessed the one who did it dumped it had a purpose of disposing it, because it will not survive the changing weather.  It easily caught my attention for tree of its kind rarely grows in Tennessee.  I even asked Joshua for a confirmation, “That’s a banana tree right Bab’s?”, and when he agreed I immediately stopped his left arm for I saw that there were some young and unripe banana fruit and just near it were a familiar color of purplish banana hearts.

Whole Banana Hearts

My mind suddenly thought, “Wow!  An ingredient for a nutritious and delicious recipe.  Since Joshua didn’t have any idea that it was edible, I told him that we can bring it home and cooked.  

As of this writing, I can’t fully imagine how sweet God is in making our lives as easy and complete as possible.  He really knows how I want to be back in the Philippines for so many reasons.   One of it is simply missing Filipino food delicacy, the veggies and food cooked by my Father.  But there he is an all knowing God, providing all our needs even sometimes I was lacking in appreciation.  As my husband quoted the verse from Psalm 23, “You, Lord are my shepherd, I will never be in need.” (CEV)

But God is not a Father who tolerates his children’s ungrateful hearts, instead he is showing how mighty he is by leading us to our green pastures.  As we know that wherever we are, it is his plan.  If doubt arises, and we feel that we are not in a pleasant place, we should examine how we got there and repent.   Feelings are fickle, and heart can be deceiving.

Banana Heart Filipino Delicacy


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