Regions Bank, easy checking

Opening a personal checking account is so simple and easy with Regions Bank-Henderson branch as my husband and I experienced with them.  The clerk promptly assisted us the moment she saw us entered the front door, she was courteous and quick.  She directed us to a comfortable room in which three guest-chairs were waiting.

Joshua, my husband has faithfully held an account with Regions for 12 years under his account’s representative payee.  When he was approved to handle his own account, he decided to open a personal account under his name that will be managed by him.

The only requirements the clerk asked were his Social Security number and a minimum of $50 dollars initial deposit.  

He didn’t fill out any form.  Instead, the clerk was the one who encoded all the needed details in the computer using the Regions Computerized Banking System. She just asked few questions like mailing address, telephone number and if my husband wants to mail the monthly statement of account or through email.  Since we are wired daily and have a mobile email and Web mail in our phone wherein we can always check our inbox, he used the latter and gave his personal email address.  

Though I found it odd when she asked my husband about what PIN (Personal Identification Number) he wants to use to make withdrawals using debit card and online purchase instead of providing a PIN Pads, a PIN entry device into which the client will enter his/her chosen PIN and in privately manner without disclosing or showing it to any one.

I asked my husband if he encountered PIN Pads before with Region Banks and he said he couldn’t remember doing so followed by the words, “they are all the same“.

In a professional view point towards security, I
believe PIN number shouldn’t not be disclosed to anyone by the account
holder because this is used to verify the identity of the account holder
or the user of the bank card unless he or she opts to.  I also believe
and as highly suggested by many, It is so important to protect PIN
against unauthorized disclosure or misuse though my husband answered
back, still I am thinking Regions must improve their quality of service
in terms of confidentiality by investing in digital PIN Pads. If they have it already, I believe they must implement and use it. 

I am thinking if they passed ISO 9564 in which the modern banking systems
require interoperability between different card issuers, acquiring banks and retailers
– including transmission of PIN between those entities – so a common
set of rules for handling and securing PIN is required, both to ensure
technical compatibility and a mutually agreed level of security.  

Any how, we are confident that the account will be safe and my husband can always change the PIN number.  

In just a matter of minutes, hubby’s account was processed.  He received a Regions starting Kit enclosed with Transaction Register, starting check, check card register and some points to read like deposit agreement.

The clerk asked hubby to made an initial $50 deposit to his account.  After three days, we received the debit card.  We can also personalized the card designs through Regions YourPix Studio.  Hubby thinks its cool, so we will do it if the $10 fee will waived and the process is free. 

                                                  Proverbs 24:3-4

Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is
established; and by knowledge the rooms shall be filled with all
precious and pleasant riches.