“Infolinks, we don’t just earn, but we learn to smartly innovate.”

Today, we are celebrating our 1 year, a month and 23 days of partnership and ads relationship to be exact with Infolinks.  Recalling how we met Infolinks, my friend “Emily” was the one who introduced them to us after she found out for herself that Infolinks is the
best way to earn money online through Text Advertising.  

I was engrossed the way my friend Emily presented how Infolinks works.  In her a minute and 33 seconds video, she demonstrated in a light, creative-bubbly-clear and in detailed manner the text advertising as powered by Infolinks, and how will it give a visitor an informational ads once they landed to the advertiser page and the monetary benefits will it give to us through advertising revenue.  

When I fully understood the concept and how easy it was to join, I signed up, pasted the code and added my two websites What’s HOT and Blogger eHOW. Voila! The process was a matter of minutes only.

Since I couldn’t contained my excitement, that day on I wrote an article about joining my websites with Infolinks and published it with my days old Blogger eHOW which entitled Monetize your Blog: Infolink-Text Adverstising with an aimed of sharing my finding a pandora’s box moment to the world wide web and bloggers like me.  That same day, I linked the video to my fiance which is my husband now.  He was convinced and he signed up immediately and added his self maintained website Herblend.

During the start of our partnership with Infolinks, I found out that it is not just a one of a kind online Text Advertising but a company that provides feedback to the publisher through their support team.  The following day, I received an email confirmation from Infolinks Publisher Program saying that my application was being processed:

Talking with my own experience, Infolinks not just monetize websites with smart ad units but in support, they are also quick.  One day had passed, I received an email from The Infolinks Team informing me that my application for Blogger eHOW was tested and that my website doesn’t contain enough text for Infolinks algorithm work properly.  I was a bit sad for I expected that it will be approved same as my other website.  But the email was full of hope which promptly gave a sense of importance  and a dose of encouragement to a publisher like me not to mention the possible approval:   

I felt valued as a publisher, and a partner in this text advertising business.  There is a high assurance that we are dealing with human account officer and not just a computer programmed generated email response.  The support team reply back on time. 

March of this year, I flew here in United States from the Philippines to be married.  For start-up, my husband and I planned to use our knowledge in blogging with a mission of reaching out for the communities in our town and nearby areas and to the world at large to help them to promote businesses free-of-charge and providing encouraging article to the visitor by linking it to What’s HOT which talks about relationship & marriage and other stuff.  This was how our new free ads site was born.  The BizHUB e-Ads!  

Infolinks made this site more attractive to the visitors not just in text advertising but in terms of insearch, intag, and inframe.  We visualized that businesses owner will be more attracted to published their ads not just because its free-of-charge but the friendliness of the site in terms of online searching with the help of Infolinks.  

The Infolinks options “add website” and 1-Minute Integration made it more easier for us to add BizHUB e-Ads to our existing account.  My husband and I both decided to integrate all of our existing websites in one Infolinks account to systematically manage it well.  I emailed again our account officer and seeks a re-approval for Blogger eHOW and at the same time a request to synchronize all sites to one account.  

Our Account Manager named Shirley immediately provided solutions to my request and gave us an easy to follow instructions to fully processed our request.

The succeeding email exchanges between us and our Infolinks Account Manager was providing as a suggestion on how we can fully approved and optimized our account to increased our traffic volume: 

We are fully enjoying the smart advertising package Infolinks is giving to our sites, “we don’t just earn, but we learn to smartly innovate.”   

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James 2:26 KJV
“Faith without works is dead”