A Ginger Tea Time with loved ones

will have a tea moment with Veronica, my beloved niece. Will use the tea cup I
bought at Land Mark-Makati in which I personally designed with our names with
the used of Ceramic paint pen.
to prepare a homemade ginger tea for us, she had sore throat for these past
days and it will surely give relieves for her.
Based on my research in World Wide Web, I need to prepare
thin slices off of a fresh yellow ginger root and to achieve a good ratio I
need to have about one teaspoon of ginger per cup of tea. Since, it’s for me
and my niece only four (4) cups of water and four (4) teaspoons of ginger slices
will do.
 Also, I will make an experiment; instead of using
boiling water will try an about to hit the boil water in our ginger tea. I will
try what Florida Herb House suggested in preparing their Ginger Green Tea. 
A big
thanks to Herblend for linking me to Florida Herb
House website, it added knowledge to my tea nut shell.  
Psalm 55:14 
We who had sweet fellowship together, Walked in the house of God in the throng.