He said, “Wait for me”.

One of the great
things that I will boast in my relationship with my fiancée is how God made our
relationship stronger each day of our lives. We always reminded each other
about this: “Without God’s hands covering and protecting us, and not focusing our
eyes and hearts on Him our long distance relationship will be like a sand castle that can easily
washout by waves”.

Truly as
time goes by, we learned not to depend on our emotions but on God’s way of
handling the circumstances that we are in. 
I tell you waiting is not an easy task; it requires patience, trust, and hope on the things that we both desire
aligning to His words to us accompanied by faith that He is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks
him (Lamentations 3:25).
You know what through our waiting, God is continuously shaping us, not
to lean on each other’s strengths but mainly to the strength Jesus Christ gives
to us. (Philippians 4:13)

Also, through our waiting God established Himself
to us on how gracious, loving and disciplinarian Heavenly Father He is.  We actually learned a lot from Him, and still on
a process of learning.

Joshua and I always had this conversation
with God, wherein we poured out everything to Him, our differences, sometimes our not
so good moods, our stress, our sweet things, prayer request, lifting the concerns of saints and  people that surrounds
us, our laugh out loud moments  and praises
to Him as if  God was just chatting with
By doing this,
our love towards one another grows deeper in The Lord Jesus Christ transforming
to a firm commitment to wait for His will to us. 

As the song popularized by Rebecca St. James said, “Wait for me Darling…as God told us wait for me, wait for me”.

But of course we need to
be intentional in our relationship for us to grow, glow and multiply in wisdom
and understanding to know the deeper meaning of love and not a surface meaning
of it. As God first and intentionally did as He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live
through him”
. (1 John 4:9). Jesus Christ suffered, paid our sins and died on the cross.  That everyone who believes in
him may have eternal life
. John 3:15


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  1. Keziah weNa says:

    I really love that song sis, and I'm very happy for you and Joshua. I'm so inspired by how you guys handle such deep relationship as God the center of it all. God bless !!! Nice blog, inspiring for us who waits for God's best.


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