M&G Online Contest Winner

As of this writing, I am so excited to
reveal the blessed winners of What’sHot@M&G Online Contest whose breath prayers were
answered by our gracious Heavenly Father.
 With a drums rolling and trumpets playing in
the back ground, allow me to introduce one by one these girls who won the
fashionable and chic shoes from M&G.
The first winner is a Blogger/Writer by heart
and owner of Eat, Work and
website. Her blessed entry number was seven (7). She mostly
describe herself as a lover: book lover, movie lover, and a coffee lover now she will become
M&G shoes lover (lol) without further ado here is Sophia Maglunog
Our 2nd winner is a Human
Resource Officer at David’s
Salon Inc
. She described herself as simple, easy to be with, adventurous, funny and more.
Her entry number was number 14.  She loves
to pamper her toes with fashionable shoes and now once again God is giving her
a new pairs to walk with through M&G Axesorries, all praise to our generous
Heavenly Father. Now, Kristine Millalos Tapulado get ready for your winning
shout because you are one of highly favored woman. Grab your shoes now!
before we go to our 3rd winner, just hold your breath; keep on
reading and allow me to say this: “Let’s keep on putting our hope in God, keep
on declaring God’s favor to our lives, keep on believing to His kindness for He
will be the one to provide all our needs”
. God loves to bless people who believe
on His power, whose faith is in Him. The Bible says; The LORD
bless you and keep you (Numbers 6:24).

Now, our
final winner is a YBM online English teacher by profession whose green pasture is to
teach Koreans and with a winning number 20. Her name is Veronica
an apple of God’s eyes. You are in the right track; never give up
for God’s best is yet to come in your life. I know that you know that I know
that He is a loving God. 
“Our position
in God’s hands is priceless and much precious compared to the possession we desire in this world”. 
Acknowledgement: Thank
you for all the contestants, for sharing the contest url in your timeline wall.
Through that you help us in promoting the M&G Axessories and its products. For
Ms. Joy Devilla, the humble owner and designer of M&G Axessories, my deep
appreciation for the trust and confident you gave to WhatsHot. Above all these things, all praises belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ for He is worthy of praise. 
 In behalf of M&G Axessories and WhatsHOT, congratulations to all the winners.
God’s favor will
surely turn everything in your life-
Joel Osteen.


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