Medicard: A fresh look after 25 Years

most awaited night finally came. The main entrance of Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri la Hotel was at its warm mood in embracing guest last May 15, 2012 as MediCard Phils.,Inc celebrated their 25th Anniversary Party.
As I looked around, I saw that everyone was at their fabulous outfit and wore
excellent smile. The ambience was shouting a loud that something big was ready
to unveil.  

Lavish Food
were marked with excitement as the door channeled to the centerfold of
attraction opened. I myself was stunned with what I saw in front of me, lavish
food, settee that arranged in a classy way and podium that adorned with a
concert like manner. 
was in the midst of feasting on the buffet table until the voice over
intro hosts signaled to prepare us for more mouthwatering surprises cooked by

The Montoya brothers with faithful clients awardee 
boosted the ears and eyes appetite of the audience that were composed of people
from HMO industries, top caliber brokers, agents, finest personalities from different
industries and media through awarding ceremony. 
As the night got deeper, everyone’s spirits were going excited. The Rizal Ballroom was filled and seasoned with the astonishing voices of the group of artist from our local music industry.
Singers from our local Music Industry
MediCard 25th year’s celebration marked with the theme
“Building a Healthy Nation”was not possible without the “Saving a P1.00 a day” philosophy started from a
dignified man Dr. Nicanor Montoya.  

The Chairman, Dr. Nicanor Montoya  
Pursuing a mission of providing quality
comprehensive healthcare services to many Filipinos, at a cost they could
Night’s crème of the top was served as they
launched the MediCard new and refreshed corporate logo.  “It symbolizes its
rebirth after 25years of being pioneering HMO in the Philippines. As part of a
corporate strategy that stresses the company’s brand promise of
giving the best healthcare available”.

MediCard New & Refreshed Logo
MediCard aims
to instill peace of mind and fulfillment, which are characteristics represented
in the logo by the purple hue. Blue, which has been MediCard’s official color,
represents trust, reliability, and calmness. The four Rx symbols that rotate
clockwise form a single icon to convey the message to MediCard clients that they
can avail of affordable medical services round the clock through its partner
doctors and medical institutions. The new logo also uses typefaces that make the
brand look modern and refreshing. 
“The new logo also embodies MediCard’s corporate
culture. “We place an extremely strong emphasis on doing business the right way
for both our customers and our employees. That means caring for them and
treating them more as partners, being responsive, and anticipating their needs,”
Dr. Montoya said.”

Photo Credits from:
Josephine Arce 
Ms. Kate Cruz, Medicard Philippines, Inc.
Medicard Philippines, Inc. Official Facebool Page

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    This was one of the medical benefits that my dad had during his time. Of course, we were able to take advantage of it. I'd love to get a proposal for my family. 🙂


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