Create a blog in 3 easy steps

Today, I noticed that Blogging Industry is
becoming wider and spreading horizontally in the World Wide Web. As
a blogger, I also have many questions in my mind about blogging do’s and don’ts.
 I first started blogging in the year
2009. I was influenced by a Christian sister named Fiona Javelosa. She
mentioned about it when we had a chat over facebook. Since communicating my
experience, writing has become part of me.

I believe blogging is one of the best medium to express
a self, to share knowledge, to market a product, to influence people and motivate
them to be at their best.
Personally, I love to encourage friends and love
ones to show case their God given talents through writing. For I discovered
this, “a person that can send a message through cellphone can possibly write a

Currently, one of my goals is involving people to
create their own blog and not be idle. Praise the Lord that Joshua (fiancé) and
two friends of mine are into blogging.

To support this goal, I decided to create and
maintain another blog that powered by blogger. The title is “Blogger eHOW”. The
blog purposes are to share my blogging experiences in terms of updating pages
and posts, lay out and designs, monetizing, trafficking, and other
technicalities that  can be use to maximize and make our blogs competitive. 

So what we are waiting for? Let us start to create a blog account using blogger in a three (3) easy steps:

Step 1. 
a blogger account
: Click anywhere in the dialogue box
and you will be redirected to the Blogger form. Sign up and provide email
address, password, display name, gender, date of birth, confirmed captcha and
click continue.

Step 2. Name your blog:  Use a catchy title, create a blog URL (check availability), confirmed captcha to prove that you are not a bot and click continue.

Step 3. Choose a starter template:  Modify template according to your style.

Done. You have your own blog:  Welcome to blogger world. 

So easy right?  Walk with me as we update this blog. If you have question, Blogger eHOW it!

Psalm 45:1
 1My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.