BPI Easy Saver-A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Today, I got my BPI Express
Teller Card. I am so excited. It was my long time plan to saved money in a
bank.  Banks offered a different methods of saving money.  Some savings scheme has
maintaining balance and some don’t have.  I Chose BPI Easy Saver because I found it appropriate
for my banking needs.

One of the special features of BPI Easy Saver, there is no maintaining balance. You can deposit what you
can under this saving account. You don’t need to worry about keeping a certain

Another thing that convinced me more was, I have the
peace of mind knowing that my money is safe plus my savings will earn an interest. 

Adding the convenience it offers, when it’s time to withdraw from your savings I can
go to any BPI Automated Teller Machine and withdraw my money for a minimal fee of Php. 5.00 every transaction.

If you are planning to open an account and start savings, I highly recommend BPI Easy Saver.  It’s easy and so convenient.  

Here is the list of easy
procedure in starting your own savings :

  1. Go and
    inquire to the nearest BPI Bank located in your place.
  2. Bring
    any one (1) of your government ID (it should have your picture printed on
  3. One (1)
    piece of 1×1 id picture
  4. Filled
    up an application Form
  5. You
    need to bring Php. 250.00. The Php.50.00 will be allocated as payment for
    the printing of your BPI Express Teller Card and the remaining Php.  200.00 will be your initial savings.
  6. You can
    get your BPI Express Teller card the following day after you submitted the
    requirements and completed the above procedures.
My BPI Express Teller Card
These are two of those unforgettable
statements I heard that motivates me to start the things I have in my mind: 

 “A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.”  An old sayings I first heard from Pastor Ricky Sarthou.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to
fail” by Chinkee Tan. A Christian author who wrote the book “Till debth do us part”.
I was encouraged also by the
words of my fiance’ when I showed my BPI Express Teller Card to him through camera when we were talking online. He
told me, “excellent, the best thing you have done this week”. He is proud
of the decision I made.
Together let us enjoy the perks
of savings. 


11 thoughts on “BPI Easy Saver-A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

  1. Micah Gran says:

    I googled BPI Easy Saver and stumbled at your blog.Your post helped me a lot. Thank you! :)And even more happy to read that you know Pastor Ricky Sartou as well. I bet you're attending CCF? Anyway, thanks again for the info. God bless :)-Micah


    • Laids says:

      Yes Micah I knew Pastor Sarthou for I attended CCF and I am glad that my personal experiences about BPI ES helped you. God bless and happy saving.


  2. Eloisa says:

    After you've received your card and all, how do you deposit your savings? Through a teller or ATM? Sorry I am new to this banking thing 🙂


    • Lady Lyn Haltom says:

      Hi Eloisa, in making deposits I suggest just go to the BPI branch where you opened your account or any BPI branch that is near your place. It so easy and quick. Thank you for asking 🙂 Hope this help.


  3. aidryl bloma says:

    Hi maam ganadang umaga po,may card po din ako ng ganito…iternational,kaya lng may problema po…nakalimutan ko po kong anong oin ang nilagay ko..paano ko po ulit mabubuksan ito…salamat…answer needed


    • Lady Lyn Haltom says:

      Hi Aidryl,I'm sorry about what happened to your ATM Card. I actually experienced the same thing, and the solutions I was prompted to do was: •Since I was living in USA the time I forgot my own BPI Express Teller PIN, I called the BPI Express Phone's 24/7 International Toll Free Services. *Please take note that Customer Service International Hotline Number varries according to the country the account holder resides, and the toll free services can be access depending on your phone carrier. In calling them, the only thing they helped me with was to access my BPI Express Online Account Portal by providing to me my login details like user name, and changeable or temporary password. For me this was already a BIG help in accessing my online portal. You can make funds transfer *if you have another BPI account enrolled under your BPI account, or even do a wire transfer. •And the other option they suggested was to visit any BPI international Bank near my place, to have my card replaced, but in my case there was none. So when we travelled back in the Philippines, I immediately paid a visit to my BPI Bank Account Home Branch, and requested an ATM replacement card. Why a need to do this? *Because according to BPI, BPI does not store the client’s PIN. Only the client knows this. The replacement fee only cost PHP 100 and requires three (3) days processing. Hope I helped to answer your inquiry. God bless in your processing.


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